september begins


yesterday i took both the kids to church.  by myself.  with the intention to have both of them sit through the whole service with me, because i don't believe in shipping them off to the nursery or sunday school, or what have you after the children's moment. 

they need to learn how to manage their boredom.  to sit still.  to not talk.  lord, please have mercy, teach them not to talk in church.

ethan knows.  savannah... well...

let's just say that we made it.  i did have to get up during the sermon.  she screamed, "DON'T TAKE ME OUT" all the way up the aisle.

ethan sat with the nice college girls behind us until i could discipline savannah and get back.

it can only get better.  i hope.  it was savannah's first time since she was an infant to sit with me.  she has to learn at some point, right??  and i would rather my kids be 2 when they learn than when they are 7.  because how annoying is it when a big kid doesn't know how to manage boredom?  although, i am halfway convinced it is only me and old people who are annoyed by this.

it is okay for kids to be bored.  i will step off my parenting soapbox now.   

i will add that god did give me the small miracle of preventing her from asking to nurse.  that would have gone over quite poorly with our extremely traditional congregation.

thank's again, god.  seriously.  i would have died.  she did make a loud comment, "is it over, now?"  niiice.  and since our church films the service i made sure to let my mom know she could fire up the internet and hear her little voice.

all in all, the service was beautiful.  and refreshing.

and we had an awesome weekend.  and really, last week was pretty great too. {minus one day where the kids were angry zombies}  and i have high hopes for this week as well.  it is our first full week of school and activities.  i have really, really, been craving fall.   and a real routine.

and cooler weather.

all of which we are getting right now.

now i have the daunting task of catching up the ol' blog.

unless you follow me on instagram.  and then you know all the little stuff.

but let's get a few things out of the way, why don't we?

first day of school:  {do you know how much i wish that i had a professional photographer following me around all day?  all these "back to school" photos are not pretty.  sigh}



and then ethan went to school on friday,  thanks to the "split days" so the class can meet at first in a smaller setting.  ethan and i had wednesday morning to ourselves... it was our "date."  melt my heart.  we went to the botanical gardens and chick-fil-a.  :)



please, take note of the killer backpack.  it's just so... grown up.  and plasticy.  why can't he do the monogrammed thing forever??

more soon --
xoxo, s
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