ethan wanted to see the elephants

and so we did.  Except I haven't quite mastered the knack of taking photos of your child's happy face while keeping him from jumping the fence and attempting to join the elephants in the exhibit.  So I took photos of him feeding those silly birds.  {like I don't already have 100 other bird photos...but nonetheless he gets a real kick out of it}  Because at least he is well contained... and I am not worried about him literally crossing the line :)




and then we bumped into sweet friends. what a perfect day...


By the way, a week ago it was snowing like we lived in a ski town.  Today, the high is 65.  No complaints here... I'm just sayin' it is a little strange, right??


pregnancy picture

Folks, for the record, I never do this.  But, I decided on a whim I would post pictures of just how pregnant I am... 30 weeks along.  I find out just how much weight I have gained on Friday.  I am betting it isn't pretty.  At 26 weeks, I had gained 26 lbs.  I also have a sweet tooth.  And I just never stop eating...  I thought that not having access to all the food I did back when I was pregnant with Ethan {unlimited high fat ice cream, in particular...} would help keep me from over indulging.  Wrong.

Photo 2

PS - We have a name. It is Savannah... but I don't have a middle name yet... any great suggestions? I want it to be short.  Like one syllable.  Maybe two... 

PPS - Does anybody out there hand embroidery?  Is this something I would find appealing?  Anyone know where to begin or a good book to read on it??  A website even??  Or should I skip it altogether? Lemme know...

PPPS - If you know Jenn, then I thought I let you know that Jenn's having her baby.... and I know she'd appreciate any thoughts or prayers.


fort worth stock show = ethan wants a tractor

I think I know what is on his Christmas wish list for 2010...






haircut. no photos.

So today, I got a much needed haircut and color.  The last time i got a cut/color was August before I was pregnant.  

Well... I wanted quite a bit taken off.  I wanted my long hair cut off below my shoulders.  Well folks... my hair is now chin length.  

Seriously. Not. What. I. Asked. For. At. All.

When I said, "whoa, that is a lot of length you are cutting" Mr. Stylist got snappy and said, "This is what we agreed on." 

Well...I don't know about you, but I tried to get really happy for the rest of the cut.  Because he had scissors and I did not.  And then, I was okay with it all day long, thinking, it is just hair.  It will grow longer again.  But tonight when I was telling Faustino about it, I definitely started boo-hoo-ing.  

Right at the start of my third trimester, as my face starts to get fat, I now have short hair to call attention to the fact.  I have mommy hair.  Isn't the first rule of pregnancy not to cut your hair??? 

On a positive note, the color is beautiful.  And, it is just hair.  Just hair.


bullet point list from last week:

:  my camera battery sat on the charger all week... and I took no photos. 

:  I cooked, I cleaned, I grocery shopped...I did laundry.  This week was deep cleaning the kitchen.  Are you jealous??

:  I went to a meeting where I learned about all the cool places to eat... that I doubt we will ever go to.  Because - 1)  I stay at home and my husband is a resident (i.e., not exactly in the budget); and 2) I doubt that those places are too, er, highchair friendly; and 3) how do you go out for dinner with an infant and a toddler.  Seriously?  

:  I did our taxes.  boo. hiss.

:  It rained... I decided to skip mopping...

:  I am still behind on tivo'd episodes of my soap opera. grr...

:  my mother-in-law's house was broken into... I now am planning on increasing our insurance.  people, you should be aware that most policies "cap" certain categories... I have been educated.

:  Ethan was an adorable little stinker. 

:  I finished 2 more diapers and am now over half way done. 

:  by the way, these are the diapers - no elastic, shot elastic, and new elastic.  What a difference, huh??

:  I went to a birthday party for a friend.

:  I also had a grown-up date night.

:  I did my rodeo shift for junior league...  pregnant.  {luckily, I got to sell in a box!}

:  I finished another baby gift - 2 bibs and 2 burp rags.  cute, cute.


:  We had a very lazy Saturday.

Sorry so boring!  Better luck this week, right??

Miss Electrolux...

is BACK!!!! My very favorite quickie vacuum was recalled... and I sent her in, and she has been gone for a month. Today FedEx brought her back to me!


You can buy your very own Electrolux Ergorapido here... and then you will know why this made my day!  Ahh... chores and housework... so thrilling....


choo choo


Nana and Papa came to visit over the weekend... and Ethan had a blast.  If he were more articulate, I bet he would tell me that this was one of his weekend highlights... undivided attention and choo-choo trains...

more house, please????

Ethan builds houses.  Out of the blocks from Ikea.  They were a gift from his Grammy, but if you want to purchase some, they are only $7.99... they are his favorite thing right now.  {the lesson here is that kids like cheap toys!!}  He builds houses for his "little man" which is a fireman from Fisher Price's Little People.

Let me add that he wants us to help him with the houses, except we don't get to design them.  Really, he just wants us to watch him build.  He is SO SPECIFIC about the blocks used for the houses... I wish I could explain it better.  He has it all worked out in his little head...




And then he is so particular about the way that the blocks are put away... certain colors... all in the lines...


I know he looks forward to them everyday because when he wakes up... it is the second thing he asks for {the first is oatmeal - "more oatmeal, please"} which is why he's in his pj's in some of these photos...


ahhh... my little boy...

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