more house, please????

Ethan builds houses.  Out of the blocks from Ikea.  They were a gift from his Grammy, but if you want to purchase some, they are only $7.99... they are his favorite thing right now.  {the lesson here is that kids like cheap toys!!}  He builds houses for his "little man" which is a fireman from Fisher Price's Little People.

Let me add that he wants us to help him with the houses, except we don't get to design them.  Really, he just wants us to watch him build.  He is SO SPECIFIC about the blocks used for the houses... I wish I could explain it better.  He has it all worked out in his little head...




And then he is so particular about the way that the blocks are put away... certain colors... all in the lines...


I know he looks forward to them everyday because when he wakes up... it is the second thing he asks for {the first is oatmeal - "more oatmeal, please"} which is why he's in his pj's in some of these photos...


ahhh... my little boy...


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  1. hi friend. thanks for the fabric recommendation. we're about to head out to hobby lobby at this moment {i have a gift certificate still so if i find something great, i'm snatching it up!} we have a mac... and i love it. why do you ask???


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