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Folks, for the record, I never do this.  But, I decided on a whim I would post pictures of just how pregnant I am... 30 weeks along.  I find out just how much weight I have gained on Friday.  I am betting it isn't pretty.  At 26 weeks, I had gained 26 lbs.  I also have a sweet tooth.  And I just never stop eating...  I thought that not having access to all the food I did back when I was pregnant with Ethan {unlimited high fat ice cream, in particular...} would help keep me from over indulging.  Wrong.

Photo 2

PS - We have a name. It is Savannah... but I don't have a middle name yet... any great suggestions? I want it to be short.  Like one syllable.  Maybe two... 

PPS - Does anybody out there hand embroidery?  Is this something I would find appealing?  Anyone know where to begin or a good book to read on it??  A website even??  Or should I skip it altogether? Lemme know...

PPPS - If you know Jenn, then I thought I let you know that Jenn's having her baby.... and I know she'd appreciate any thoughts or prayers.


  1. I think your baby belly is cute! And, I'm finding I could literally eat all the time too. I have to keep myself occupied and make sure I don't open something that I could lose track of. Like gold fish. Gold Fish? Seriously? I think I could eat the whole box....

  2. Lorna Doones lately have been my stupid food to pig out on!

  3. Oh Stephanie you look precious! Even without your head! ;)


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