When I was pregnant with Ethan I did not nest.  I felt the urge, but didn't do it.  I was working.  Long hours.  In a flip flop at my desk/high heels in front of the guests kind of combo.  I got home at 7 or so every night.  With swollen ankles.  And Ethan was born during the Christmas season.  And catering + Christmas is not a holly jolly time of year.  I was supposed to do "data entry" at the end of my pregnancy... well folks, that is a death sentence during Christmas...

And if you knew me back then, don't forget the whole, I got kicked out of my desk thing.  And let's also remember that my err, youthful, crazy boss {who only lasted 5 months} wanted me gone.  Seriously.  And I didn't like her either, for the record.  And I hadn't even told them that I wanted to be a stay at home mom... {but i will be honest, the writing must have been on the wall}

Once the crazy teenage -- well not really but almost boss was gone, then I had my worker bee boss {whom I did really like} back... but we had the holidays. 

Most memorable moment  - my boss said to me as we were leaving work at nearly 11 at night on a Tuesday {I think I was 12 months pregnant a the time}... "don't you want to work here after you have Ethan"  Excuse me??  ARE YOU SERIOUS???  It is almost the next day, lady.  :) 

To say I had some work stress would just have been the tip of the iceberg.

Anyway, the point I am trying to make is that I had to call my mom to have her come wash Ethan's clothing.  Faustino was gone on away rotations.  And I was occupied with work demands.  I laid on the couch every night and rested.  Not nested.  

Not so with Miss Savannah...

At the beginning of spring break, the boys were put to work.  {me too.  thank God I didn't go into labor}



The first weekend of spring break we played musical rooms.  Ethan's {and soon to be Savannah's, too} room is now where we were, and vice versa.  Closets were moved around.  I have gone through all of Ethan's diapers and set them up for Savannah.  I am organizing their clothing... their closet...

Poor Faustino is off this week... and he has a honey-do list.  But don't feel too sorry for him... he is on a fishing trip right now.

I am purging editing things around the house.  I got rid of 12 pairs of shoes I don't wear.  I am dying to get rid of the 2 maternity sweaters that are pilled... the ones I wore every other day... but it did snow a few days ago, so I will hold off on those.  But there are other things... pruning is dangerously addictive. 

I am filling in missing pieces of Ethan's baby book.

I have a list of freezer meals to make.

All this is to say that hopefully I will be more prepared for this baby than I was the last.  I look back on my severely unorganized home... maybe that was the root of my stress with the transition to mommyhood.  Maybe it had nothing to do with the baby bundle and everything to do with the fact I wasn't prepared.  at. all.

And, by the way, I think we are all settled on the name - Savannah Leigh.  Sorry, Grammy. 

Now, I must get back to my lists...


little apron

Remember a long time ago, I made an little girl's apron and because of my lack of sewing skills it kicked my tush??  Well I tried again....


And I am so happy with the results.  And it didn't take too long to make.  And I embroidered the pocket while I was waiting at the OB's office.  By the way, hand embroidering is so much fun.


At the end of last week, Ethan and I had a playdate with the lovely little girl who received the apron, Ethan's {3rd?? 2nd twice removed?? eh, technicalities...} cousin.  I took my camera, but I was too busy running my mouth to take any photos.  But Ethan was so sweet to her.  Thank God we didn't go today... he's in a mood.  It must really be hard to be two.  {Dear Central Market customers... I am so so sorry about the ongoing shrill screaming from my child today...}

My sweet second cousin gave Savannah a box of little girl clothes that are to die for and a total God send.  Seriously.  And Ethan helped me put them away, and we talked all about Savannah... is he getting it?  Only time will tell...


little helper

let it be known, today I received legitimate help with chores from the offspring.  he unloaded the silverware from the dishwasher to the drawer.  i didn't even have to "redo" any of it.  

totally the highlight of my day.

have a nice weekend!


another year, another garden

Yesterday afternoon the gardening began.


And Ethan got to play with a friend and look for worms.

And I was exempt from the labor because of my condition... perhaps next year I can till... or not. :)
Photo 5

Let's hope that this year, with our garden much larger, that it actually rains some.  Because last year's dry, hot, 100+ degree days at the beginning of summer didn't quite make for a bountiful produce season.  I think we only got 10 tomatoes.

Now, my herb garden on the other hand... it is thriving.  Any suggestions on keeping the stray cats out??

jump start on spring cleaning

Folks, the Lord works in mysterious ways...

Last week I threw in the towel on potty training - and we have been in diapers, not pull ups/big boy undies. Thank God, because on Sunday night, something didn't agree with Ethan... can anyone prepare you for this aspect of motherhood??  Well, my saint of a mother-in-law was here to help with the 2 man job... and my couch got put to the top of the list for a deep clean!  A really deep clean. 

And yesterday, when Ethan showed a renewed interest in the potty, I thought, "God must have known I couldn't have handled that without a diaper."

So my question now is, do we plow forward with potty training?  Or keep him in diapers?  I need a magic 8 ball...


proof that we are still here...

The last few weeks have been a mixture of sickies (had by everyone in the house, in varying degrees and of varying sorts.  i think we are all better now...), periods of productiveness (new shelf liners in the kitchen!  making homemade sausage!) and periods of sleepiness (does anyone else accidentally fall asleep in the bathtub?  dangerous much!!!??!!)  and potty training.

a few thoughts on potty training.  it basically is no fun to think of someone else's potty schedule all day long.  but i could handle that... i really could.  then, we have had a behavior regression kind of week, and the fun of the potty has worn off for the little man.  so today, i decided, i will let this go for awhile.  he is obviously not ready, although he acted ready last week.  and ultimately, he is in control of when he goes...so it might not actually be a battle i could even win.  goodbye for now, elmo undies.

So here are a few photos of our recent adventures...


visiting friends...and might I add that I was so thankful for a small home after the visit.  and not having any staircases.  or a viking range with knobs that are easy access for little hands...  let's just get all that down on the books because I will undoubtedly pine away for a larger home and a nicer oven, and someone will need to remind me that now is the wrong season...


playing outside again.  by the way, do you like our beautiful vista?  the gorgeous wooded area behind our house?  so peaceful and quiet... i like to have my morning coffee on the back porch and enjoy watching the vast array of birds.  just kidding.  i like shooing the stray cats out of the yard and into the ally.  sigh.  I really like it when I find the nasty things in the garden.  sleeping.  disgusting.  care to house swap?? :)  --- side note, i love my indoor cats.  just not the strays outside. ---


little man... having a bit of a needy moment.  maybe he just put two and two together... "mommy isn't just getting fat, I am getting a little sister...."


enjoying the weather at the botanic gardens.  It really was a pretty day...


looking for snakes.  let me clarify.  I do not do snakes.  daddy does.  but he does not make this distinction, and every time we are outside, he wants me to help him find those little black snakes that hide under rocks.  sorry kiddo, not my department.

might I add that this was taken about 2 minutes before Ethan asked to be CARRIED back to the car.  (behavior regression, perhaps??)  And I did it.  I might not be at the gym with a trainer with this baby, like I was with Ethan.  But I am certainly doing some sort of workout, right?? 
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