another year, another garden

Yesterday afternoon the gardening began.


And Ethan got to play with a friend and look for worms.

And I was exempt from the labor because of my condition... perhaps next year I can till... or not. :)
Photo 5

Let's hope that this year, with our garden much larger, that it actually rains some.  Because last year's dry, hot, 100+ degree days at the beginning of summer didn't quite make for a bountiful produce season.  I think we only got 10 tomatoes.

Now, my herb garden on the other hand... it is thriving.  Any suggestions on keeping the stray cats out??


  1. Steph...You look wonderful! I love reading your blog and seeing what you are doing with your precious family! Your little one is gorgeous!! Can't wait to see how beautiful Savannah is going to be! Glad you are doing so well...miss you!

  2. Try moth balls for the cats. We have that same problem. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don't... Wish I could have a garden that large!

  3. Ok I have to be honest. This picture does make me feel better. You look SO cute!! Wow you were ALL baby for sure! =)


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