Just to let you know

i had a serious meltdown this morning when ethan peed on the the rug.  my kitchen seems to be messy 24/7 no matter what i do.  the cat jumped on my shoulder and clawed the mess out of my arm while i was looking at my face in the mirror because i do believe i have a touch of eczema on my face near the right side of my mouth.

i have also cleaned up 8 counts of cat vomit in 24 hours and believe my cats to be bulimic.

i want a do-over on tuesday.  thanks.


And then I began to sleep...

so, separating my darling savannah from me while she is down for the night has proven {thus far!!} to be wildly successful.  while inconvenient, it is totally worth it.  {remember folks, 900 sq. ft = not many sleeping options} when it is bedtime, it is bedtime.  no late night blog cruising, or crafting, or cleaning.  i feel a little like we are all on vacation, sharing a hotel room, and bedtime means lights out for all.  but truth be told, this night owl needs some major catch up sleep.  it is embarrassing to admit how much caffeine it was taking to navigate me through everyday, and my skin is paying the price right now. 

but you don't really care about my skin, now, do you??  :)

so, i am getting into the groove of things again.  i'll call last week a transitional week... that makes me feel a little better.  and if i really get into gear today, then i will be in a position to get back on track this week.  i will feel so much more alive if i am back on track.  truly.

and part of getting back on track would be to catch the blog up to speed.  so you get bullet points.

::  i'm almost finished with a dress for savannah.  too bad i have like 4 more that i am planning on making... and i really don't think we need much more in the way of clothing for her, but there really is something about sewing for your own little girl.  i. love. it.   so… i still have to make matching bloomers too... maybe i'll be able to post a photo of her in it this week.  so far my feeling toward the pattern is just so-so.  definitely a good learning experience though…

::  i finally planted some kalanchoe plants that i blogged about last month.  this blog is keeping me honest, at least.  i really like them, and the white ones were on sale.  everything else that i bought at calloways was not... but that's another bullet point!



::  i also splurged on some pumpkins.  and some gourds.  but the little ones were a mere 99¢.  i'll be back for more gourds.  and little pumpkins.



::  and i still have to:  buy a new doormat.  pick up a huge $15 mum from costco {please, don't be sold out} and make a wreath.

::  to do all this fall stuff, i cleaned my door with a magic eraser.  which is truly magical.  and my door is actually more white than ecru.  who knew?  it was pretty much total grunge and no love.  i'm negligent like that sometimes. 

::  my nieces dropped by for a visit last week… it looks like savvy wants to make a meal out of them :)



::  and ethan has been doing SPECTACULAR on the potty.  i don't want to jinx it by posting it, but really, i can't help but be excited.  we are by no means, all the way trained, but we are really on the road.  and that makes me happy.  it isn't nearly the struggle it was during the middle of the summer.  i feel like he is just much more used to the idea, and that he just needed to get in the habit of the potty.  and i needed to trust my parenting instincts.  that's another whole post in itself.  but this is mr. pickles in action.  and savannah waiting patiently.  we will be watching elmo's potty this week for some reinforcement... i think it might really drive the routine home...



I will be back this week, hopefully with the conclusion of several projects!

xoxo, stephanie


Good Night

savannah is still in the {absolutely precious borrowed heirloom} cradle next to our bed.  i am convinced that she smells me because regardless of the hour, 15 minutes after i go to bed, baby savvy wakes up.  not hungry -- she just wants to be cuddled.  well, that's sweet and all, but mama's got to get some shut-eye.  and she would be fine sleeping in bed with us, but did i mention that we have a double bed?   i worry about one of us rolling on top of her.  {a larger bed is on my list of things we must buy once we are done with residency and fellowship.  until then...}  so if i do bring her to bed, the quality of my sleep is pretty low. 

so tonight, i will sleep on the couch.

cross your fingers.  i could use at least a 3 hour stretch of uninterrupted sleep. 



i've had high hopes lately.  high hopes of getting organized, being productive, blazing my way through all of the projects that i want to accomplish.

we-ll... that hasn't been my reality.  really, i am just overwhelmed.  i feel like there is so much to do, and instead of diving in, i have just been a bit frozen.  i just sit back and say, "mmm-hmmm.  i've got a lot of things to do."  but then, if i were to step back from the whole situation, i would need to shake myself and say "stephanie, get.it.together.  you are a TERRIBLE time manager.  you should work harder."

and some of you might think i am being a little hard on myself.  maybe.  who knows.

what i do know is that before savvy came along, i had a schedule down.  i cleaned certain parts of the house on certain days, did grocery shopping, menu planning, errands, etc. all on a schedule.  i don't know if it is just that we have a new baby, or that faustino has been home more because of his research rotation, or if the summer did me in, but i am majorly off schedule.

this is the week that i will devise a plan to get me back on... because savoring the moment with your children is much easier to do if you have taken care of the chores.  and i'm the only "housekeeper" that is cleaning around here.  i'm not going for perfection here, i just feel like each and every week is eating me alive.

last week certainly did.  my eye is still twitching.  {although, to be fair, i did have a nice visit from my mother, a date this weekend with my husband, and a very lazy sunday.  so that was nice.  and i had a few friends that shared some lovely conversation time with me}

but faustino had a nice fishing trip away -- so. jealous.  which is a better vacation spot -- telluride or culebra?  faustino is on a telluride kick now.  and honestly, i'm thinking that the la quinta down the street sounds like vacation.

these are some of the pictures from his trip -- if you are really interested, you can click on any of the pictures to see the rest of them.




p.s.  faustino asked to borrow my camera for his trip... i said -- um, no.  call me mean and stingy.


The Garden, Sweet Savannah, & My Life

i am having some serious mommy brain right now.  i start one thing, can't seem to stay focused, start another, and another.  i take on projects {like the stinkin' trellis} to prove to myself that i am getting lots accomplished.  ahem.  no, i am getting nothing accomplished.  so, i have sat in front of the computer several times to document savannah turning 4 months old... and i start, and don't finish.

losing your mind is the pits, i tell you.

so, i will bullet point this to simplify things for me.

Garden -- 
::  i finally finished the squash trellis.  today.  well, it was mostly finished on sunday.  and there were tears shed, arguments had, blood, and most definitely sweat.  was it worth it?  we shall see.  i think i stepped on one of my sprouts today, so if it is dead, i will quickly replant.  cross your fingers, people.  here is a photo of the finished product.  i got my design inspiration from several places.  and some from in my head.  and some of it was just what was available and would work in my space.  it is far from perfect.


::  I planted beets, carrots, 2 different lettuces, swiss chard, and 3 kinds of squash.  i ran out of room for my lima beans.  we still have from the spring: a gazillion tomato and pepper plants, 2 eggplants, green beans, and a cauliflower {which has yet to yield anything}, and the cantaloupe.  also the herbs, minus the cilantro and parsley and dill.

::  i can't wait to see if any of my seeds have sprouted tomorrow morning.

::  i also need to fertilize and weed.

::  the garden is supposed to be fun, but lately has been SO STINKING STRESSFUL.  i'm just telling you the truth.  

Savannah -- {most of this is for my own documentation...}
::  had her four month old check-up -- she is 17 lbs, 2.5 oz.  and 25.5 inches.  y'all, that is big.

::  we haven't started any solids yet because she only gets a dirty diaper once a week.  and i am in no hurry to introduce things and have plumbing difficulties.  plus, she isn't showing any interest in food.  i will probably hold out until she is 6 months old. 

::  she's not really the best sleeper.  she is some variation of awake from 2am - 6am.  she does go down very easy.  who knows when i will be brave enough to put her in ethan's room.

::  she rolled over on september 2.

::  she also is just now showing a genuine interest in toys.  {i had toys out for ethan to play with long before he was really ready}

Life --
::  it has been pouring rain nonstop for the last 2 days, and the kids school is flooded.  that makes getting things accomplished just a teensy bit harder.  i got the message while i was thawing milk for doodlebug, and i promptly put it back in the freezer.  bummer.

::  i have been stress eating.  2 hamburgers in one day... thank god i am burning calories by nursing.

::  i am terribly tardy in writing thank you notes.  i just can't seem to focus on anything these days.

::  thanks to the miracle of tivo, i am nearly caught up on my soap.  it has been watched primarily while i have folded clothes and cleaned up toys.  that should say something about how i have been chasing my tail.

::  i made a delicious chicken pot pie on sunday.  i need to start posting my recipes on here so that i can look them up to remember what i did.  for now, a tip for myself next time: the fresh thyme and rosemary made all the difference. 

::  i desperately need to go to bed earlier, and wake up earlier.  i have been a rotten time manager lately.  rotten.

::  nearly every fourth word i type seems to be misspelled.  i'm going to bed.  even though i have so much left to do today.    


Doodlebug's First Day of School

savannah did WONDERFULLY at school today {did you expect anything less??} no tears, lots of smiles, and she even took a nap.  she hardly ate, so next time i won't pack as large of a bottle...  I couldn't be happier.

and to those of you out there, thinking, school??? at four months??  I assure you that it is a very laid back program, although technically they consider themselves a school and not a mother's day out. {there are lesson plans, a curriculum, organized activities, art work, etc.}  so I don't feel like I am taking her to be babysat while I run around.  it is only for 3 hours one day a week, and she seemed to really enjoy the stimulation.  i know that once ethan hit 9 months he really enjoyed the socialization of seeing other babies, so that will be a plus a few months down the road.

one more thing worth noting -- she is the only girl in her class... and is as large as the boys that are twice her age.  heaven help me.  we go to the doctor on tuesday, so i will give you the "official" 4 month stats then...


here she is with one of her teachers {there are two -- and for only 7 kids.  it is a really nice ratio}

and now i am going to go to bed.  because i dug one post hole and i think i am going to collapse.  i was not built for manual labor.  i want this part of my project to be over because it is driving me crazy that it isn't done, i feel like it is impeding on my progress, and i feel like a clumsy fool when i am working on it during naptime in the BLAZING heat.   I have 4 holes to dig tomorrow.  save me.

Gardening Disaster & a Touch of Nostalgia

so after i researched trellises, loaded up the kids, spent a long time at Lowe's and then unloaded the lumber... i thought i would be ready for trellis building after dinner.


and then my husband.  he's not so happy with my idea... i believe his exact words were something along the lines of "the most inefficient and expensive way you could do this" and he told me to take it back...weeellll....they cut the cedar for me, so, it's non-returnable.  nice, huh?  i am not imaginative or a creative problem solver on things like this.  i feel really stupid.

did i mention i was out of my element?

anyway, i was trying to dig a two foot deep hole... and it didn't quite pan out... so tomorrow, i will try again with a borrowed post-hole digger {i didn't mention to faustino that i could have bought one of those gems earlier but decided to save money and use a shovel... i think men and women have different ways of looking at saving money, and telling them that you saved money when you only really were spending in your mind doesn't always sit well with them -- example:  "i saved us $150 by buying jeans at target"}

anyway, the shovel.  it didn't quite work.  but reminded me vividly of a time when i was in the fourth grade and my friend kristen and i decided that we should build a tornado shelter in her back yard... and we dug a HUGE hole.  like, 3 feet deep, 4 feet wide.  right in the middle of the yard.  nice.  and then it filled up with rain...and mud.   i really thought we might be successful.  silly 10 year old.  silly 28 year old with my trellis! 

kristen, do you read this??  do you remember the hole?  did your mom care?

hmmm... no pictures.  so since i like to have a picture in every post, how about i show you my most wonderful toddler seat on my stroller.  genius.  it even folds down so you don't have to remove it.  very handy last week at the zoo.
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