And then I began to sleep...

so, separating my darling savannah from me while she is down for the night has proven {thus far!!} to be wildly successful.  while inconvenient, it is totally worth it.  {remember folks, 900 sq. ft = not many sleeping options} when it is bedtime, it is bedtime.  no late night blog cruising, or crafting, or cleaning.  i feel a little like we are all on vacation, sharing a hotel room, and bedtime means lights out for all.  but truth be told, this night owl needs some major catch up sleep.  it is embarrassing to admit how much caffeine it was taking to navigate me through everyday, and my skin is paying the price right now. 

but you don't really care about my skin, now, do you??  :)

so, i am getting into the groove of things again.  i'll call last week a transitional week... that makes me feel a little better.  and if i really get into gear today, then i will be in a position to get back on track this week.  i will feel so much more alive if i am back on track.  truly.

and part of getting back on track would be to catch the blog up to speed.  so you get bullet points.

::  i'm almost finished with a dress for savannah.  too bad i have like 4 more that i am planning on making... and i really don't think we need much more in the way of clothing for her, but there really is something about sewing for your own little girl.  i. love. it.   so… i still have to make matching bloomers too... maybe i'll be able to post a photo of her in it this week.  so far my feeling toward the pattern is just so-so.  definitely a good learning experience though…

::  i finally planted some kalanchoe plants that i blogged about last month.  this blog is keeping me honest, at least.  i really like them, and the white ones were on sale.  everything else that i bought at calloways was not... but that's another bullet point!



::  i also splurged on some pumpkins.  and some gourds.  but the little ones were a mere 99¢.  i'll be back for more gourds.  and little pumpkins.



::  and i still have to:  buy a new doormat.  pick up a huge $15 mum from costco {please, don't be sold out} and make a wreath.

::  to do all this fall stuff, i cleaned my door with a magic eraser.  which is truly magical.  and my door is actually more white than ecru.  who knew?  it was pretty much total grunge and no love.  i'm negligent like that sometimes. 

::  my nieces dropped by for a visit last week… it looks like savvy wants to make a meal out of them :)



::  and ethan has been doing SPECTACULAR on the potty.  i don't want to jinx it by posting it, but really, i can't help but be excited.  we are by no means, all the way trained, but we are really on the road.  and that makes me happy.  it isn't nearly the struggle it was during the middle of the summer.  i feel like he is just much more used to the idea, and that he just needed to get in the habit of the potty.  and i needed to trust my parenting instincts.  that's another whole post in itself.  but this is mr. pickles in action.  and savannah waiting patiently.  we will be watching elmo's potty this week for some reinforcement... i think it might really drive the routine home...



I will be back this week, hopefully with the conclusion of several projects!

xoxo, stephanie

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