I'm an Aunt

no, jenn, savannah didn't go to the hospital.  well, strike that.  she went to visit her new cousins.  those feet {while probably the same length as savvy's} aren't chubby enough to be savannah's. come on, savannah has cankles right now, too...




and isn't ethan being sweet? checking on her... yes, sister is okay.  we got her out and held her... she looked like she could eat the twins for an afternoon snack, actually.

but i digress!  my nieces were born on saturday morning!  4 weeks early, well really just 4 weeks before their due date and just a couple of days before they were "term" and were quite big -- five and a half pounds each!!  they are long and skinny... so sweet.  they both slept for the duration of our visit.  tired out from the business of being born.




ella slept in the warmer and we got to hold grace.  they looked pretty similar but my mother in law saw them again yesterday and said they didn't look anything alike.  personally, i think you have to wait a couple of weeks for the new baby look to fade away and see what they really look like.  they both looked like sweet baby girls...



we gave them a blooming plant that can be transplanted in the yard... so that is my new thing.  if i come to see you and your new bebe in the hospital, i'll be bringing you a kalanchoe!  in fact, i think i want to plant a few... they are supposed to be hardy and heat tolerant!  have you seen our yard?  not hardy or heat tolerant... that is on my list this week.  garden work...  stay tuned for some major before and after pictures.  and now that i have posted it on the blog, i must make it happen!! 

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