3 months already!! and other randomness...

savannah turned 3 months old last week.  and i wanted to blog about it, but quite frankly, i was up to my earlobes in shower thinking and shower doing.  {yet quite ironically, i needed to wash my own hair... the baby powder trick does work}

anyway, she is a sturdy girl... i have been doing the very inaccurate way of weighing her... i think she is 15.5 lbs or so {you know, step on the scale with and without her} and she moved up a diaper size.  i put her in a pack of the 2-3's but will buy size 3 for her this week.

she is really sweet... she has a gentle coo.  she likes to sit up and take things in when she is held.  she loves swinging {thank god} and she likes bath time.  she is so laid back.  i am amazed.  she just goes with the flow... and really only cries if she is tired or gassy.  i am so lucky.

and she's even turning into a great sleeper.

I wrote the above on sunday.  but was sleepy, and didn't finish it.  since then... she has turned into a wretched sleeper.  what.am.i.doing.wrong??????????????  let's just hope it is a short lived phase.  i was totally used to sleeping! 

on another subject entirely, we went to the pool today with sue... here are some pictures.  it is so pretty out there... eventually i will have the foresight to snap some photos of the views.  perhaps i will do that on a visit where the adults outnumber the little ones. :)





one random thing today -- we had a small potty training victory.  i won't post it b/c i am scared that will jinx it... but just cross your fingers that we have more victories.  because potty training wears me out.

and one other random thing.  i think i know why savannah is a superstar chunkster. {could other nursing mom's please weigh in on this??}  i think that my milk is super fatty.  maybe showing you a photo of my milk in the fridge is TMI....i am not sure.  but let me tell you that this is amazing to me.   the bottle on the left, has over 5 ounces in it -- approximately 0.5 oz of clearish milk, and then 5 oz. of white milk, and then a layer of solids at the top.

with ethan, my milk was much less fatty.  it was probably around 4 oz. or so of the clearish stuff, and then a half oz. of the white milk, and then a 1/4 oz {or less} of the cream.  well, with this milk, it is crazy.

is this why savannah has fat rolls even around her ankles?  unbelievable!  maybe no one cares about this... but to me it is sort of fascinating... anyone out there nurse your children and notice differences in your milk?  very curious...


  1. Love her gator swimsuit and those thighs are just the most precious that I've ever seen she's adorable! I'm wondering if the second go round (now that your mammary glands are "broken in") that you don't produce more hindmilk?! Or is it a difference in pumping pattern? i.e-longer on one breast than the other? I've never heard this question before, makes me want to research it!:)

  2. joanna - i lovelovelove the thighs, too... and who knows about the milk... crazy, huh??


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