A Peek into My Tuesday

my dishwasher is broken... and the dishes keep piling up.  my tea kettle bit the dust, and now i make my ice tea by boiling water in the pot i use for pasta.  i did not make good use of my time today.  i was also {needlessly} quick to anger.  better luck tomorrow, eh?

i had 2 hours of babysitting "credit" with faustino but didn't get out of the house on time and only had approximately an hour out...

-- BUT --

I did have an hour out... adults only.  and the most tasty bellinis...  it really was nice.

and i came home and ethan said he missed me.  and i missed him too.  and that was really nice. {because you have to leave, and then come back to be missed}

and while i was away, apparently there was an incident.  faustino told me that somehow, ethan managed to poop on his arm.  and i think, for some strange reason, that made my night.  i am not alone.  i at least have someone to share in the perils of poop.

and right before i left, i looked at the couch and these three were hanging out... and i couldn't resist a photo.  precious.

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