Saturday Morning Breakfast

so, saturday morning was quite a treat -- my darling rush baby from so long ago {jenny, i still remember you in your super cute coat that day in december!!} at Baylor was driving through town with another sorority sister of ours, and they stopped in Fort Worth for some breakfast and a visit with the kiddos.

Ethan was just really excited because he got a muffin. a muffin the size of his face.

And Savvy was her sweet self, Elizabeth preformed some baby whisper worthy magic and she fell asleep in her arms. very sweet.

and the couple next to us took our picture. but actually, in hindsight, i think it was mrs. claus that took the photo... because she came up to ethan early on and said "you better be good... santa claus is watching you" and i am like, seriously lady? in august? and i wanted to say: "strange woman -- away from my child. isn't christmas commercialized enough?" but instead i did the whole "mmmhmmm," half smile/nod thing. and when they left, the man at the table gave ethan a plastic coin that said "i was caught being good"

now, either they were one of those retired couples that dress up like the mr. and mrs. claus or they were child predators. i would like to just think they were christmas nuts... they had that mr. and mrs. claus look going regardless... jenny, elizabeth -- what do you think?

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  1. I do not understand why people are SO creepy when it comes to kids. I mean we don't go around talking to people's tables, pinching their cheeks or touching their hands. What makes them think they can do it to kids?!


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