a little bit peeved

so, i was planning on a post to recap a lovely weekend.  i had a great visit with my parents, 3 lovely friends hosted a sip and see for miss savannah, and the house is blissfully quiet.

so i log into blogger and what the heck??!!?? my photos from flickr are all kinds of messed up.  you see, i have a mac... with iphoto.  i just click on the photos in iphoto and tell it to load up to flickr.  and then, when i write a post, i paste the html code from flickr into the post, and voila! photos!  no crazy uploading and waiting... perfection.  and the photos are big.  and the spacing is easy peasy. and you can click on the photo and it takes you to my flickr page... you can even see other photos that just didn't make the blog.  i loved it.

until today.  perhaps i will love it again after i fix it...

i don't know what technology snafu happened out in the world of the internet, but i have to fix the messed up photos before i write a new post.

so check back later for a recap of my lovely weekend... and if you have looked at my blog lately, and gotten the image not available... then maybe you understand why i am a little peeved.

and if my blog is ever acting funky like this again... just send me an email and let me know... i am not the best about checking my own blog... thanks.

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