First Day of School and Other Random Stuff

happy first day of school to me!  i love sending ethan to school... it gives me a few hours to not worry about parenting and gives him an educational break from me.  i love the summer, but the fall is seriously the best time of year to me.

friday we had "meet the teacher" and went to get ethan a {much needed and procrastinated on my part} haircut.  "meet the teacher" wore. me. out.  the whole process was draining on me because it was all different for ethan and a change in the routine always prompts difficult behavior.  and then there was savannah, being sweet... but she got tired and therefore fussy.... let's just say that there was one point in the morning where i was nursing her {without my nursing cover!! gasp!} while ethan was melting down amongst strangers and i was "that" mom.

oh well.

and then we went to get a haircut... and ethan was tired.  oh, you know how that works.  it is truly like manual labor to have an uncooperative toddler in tow! 

but the effort paid off... isn't he growing up?  here he is today


and here he is with his teacher -- who is one of my friends! how lucky are we?

on friday night, faustino acted as the "team" physician for a small private school's high school football team.  i wanted to bring my camera.  but i didn't want to be the weirdo mom without kids on the field with a big honkin' dslr, taking pictures of my toddler.  so let me just tell you that ethan had a blast dancing to the band, and that savannah took a nice long nap {she is SO laid back} that was UNREAL because we sat right next to the band and drum line.  The nicest people set behind us and there was even room for the stroller.  this friday we will be at a larger public school...i can only hope that we have another good experience.  anyone want to join me??  it really is fun... i would just LOVE the company of another adult since faustino is on the field... you could bring your kids.... doesn't it sound like a blast?? :)

i feel like i have so many things to write about right now... but no time to do it.  you see, i have a couple of sewing projects in the works + i have been doing some major garden work.  faustino told me that if i want a fall garden, it is my baby.  he is not helping.  and he doesn't think that i can do it on my own.  so yesterday i did most of the tilling {but to be honest, he came and helped at the end} and tomorrow, i will be building a trellis.  folks, this is a major stretch for me.  major.  not to mention that i am SERIOUSLY out of shape.  i may not be overweight, but it is laughable at how pathetically out of shape i am.  i couldn't do this without excedrin or aleve... everyday i wake up feeling bulldozed.

so here's to hoping that the cooler fall weather brings larger fruits than the tiny cantaloupe.  thank you hot summer for stunting the growth of the fruit.  wasn't it 29 days above 100 degrees or something like that?  hot and dry!


oh -- one other thing -- my sister adopted one of the alley kittens today.  remember these kitties??   so the people across the street took the gray one with white socks.  my sister took the one that looked like it belonged at our house {gray with dark feet and ears} and there are the two black ones left.  PLEASE somebody tell me you want these two cats.  i want them GONE.  I will say, my sister's cat was a real sweetie.  i named him skippy jon jones... i think the two black kitties are sweet too.... you will be my favorite person if you want to adopt these two... here is ethan on our last day with skippy


hmmm... i am looking at this post and i just realized that i didn't give you a single picture of miss savannah... so here she is.  couldn't you just eat her up??


she's been really into the thumb sucking lately.  although, she still happily takes a paci.  hmmm... what would the dentist say?

i have more random things... but will save them for another day. i have a sewing project that needs to be started and another that needs to be finished!


  1. Stephanie, Just wanted you to know that I just read this most recent blog. It is great to keep up with the Kazenske's. I love the pictures and watching the little ones grow, since we can't be closer, because they grow up so fast.

    Please keep up the blogging for the rest of us to be able to enjoy the developments in your busy life. I truly am grateful for your efforts in keeping the blog up to date. You do a wonderful job, especially with being such a busy mother and wife.

    Thanks so much, Jane Ann

  2. thanks for the encouragement! sometimes it feels like such a waste of time to write all this down... but i know if i don't, i have no chance of remembering anything! wish we did live closer -- but the internet makes keeping in touch so much easier! xoxo, s


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