Gardening Disaster & a Touch of Nostalgia

so after i researched trellises, loaded up the kids, spent a long time at Lowe's and then unloaded the lumber... i thought i would be ready for trellis building after dinner.


and then my husband.  he's not so happy with my idea... i believe his exact words were something along the lines of "the most inefficient and expensive way you could do this" and he told me to take it back...weeellll....they cut the cedar for me, so, it's non-returnable.  nice, huh?  i am not imaginative or a creative problem solver on things like this.  i feel really stupid.

did i mention i was out of my element?

anyway, i was trying to dig a two foot deep hole... and it didn't quite pan out... so tomorrow, i will try again with a borrowed post-hole digger {i didn't mention to faustino that i could have bought one of those gems earlier but decided to save money and use a shovel... i think men and women have different ways of looking at saving money, and telling them that you saved money when you only really were spending in your mind doesn't always sit well with them -- example:  "i saved us $150 by buying jeans at target"}

anyway, the shovel.  it didn't quite work.  but reminded me vividly of a time when i was in the fourth grade and my friend kristen and i decided that we should build a tornado shelter in her back yard... and we dug a HUGE hole.  like, 3 feet deep, 4 feet wide.  right in the middle of the yard.  nice.  and then it filled up with rain...and mud.   i really thought we might be successful.  silly 10 year old.  silly 28 year old with my trellis! 

kristen, do you read this??  do you remember the hole?  did your mom care?

hmmm... no pictures.  so since i like to have a picture in every post, how about i show you my most wonderful toddler seat on my stroller.  genius.  it even folds down so you don't have to remove it.  very handy last week at the zoo.

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