Doodlebug's First Day of School

savannah did WONDERFULLY at school today {did you expect anything less??} no tears, lots of smiles, and she even took a nap.  she hardly ate, so next time i won't pack as large of a bottle...  I couldn't be happier.

and to those of you out there, thinking, school??? at four months??  I assure you that it is a very laid back program, although technically they consider themselves a school and not a mother's day out. {there are lesson plans, a curriculum, organized activities, art work, etc.}  so I don't feel like I am taking her to be babysat while I run around.  it is only for 3 hours one day a week, and she seemed to really enjoy the stimulation.  i know that once ethan hit 9 months he really enjoyed the socialization of seeing other babies, so that will be a plus a few months down the road.

one more thing worth noting -- she is the only girl in her class... and is as large as the boys that are twice her age.  heaven help me.  we go to the doctor on tuesday, so i will give you the "official" 4 month stats then...


here she is with one of her teachers {there are two -- and for only 7 kids.  it is a really nice ratio}

and now i am going to go to bed.  because i dug one post hole and i think i am going to collapse.  i was not built for manual labor.  i want this part of my project to be over because it is driving me crazy that it isn't done, i feel like it is impeding on my progress, and i feel like a clumsy fool when i am working on it during naptime in the BLAZING heat.   I have 4 holes to dig tomorrow.  save me.


  1. Oh my goodness, selfish me, I finally figured out that someone ELSE out there has a fabulous blog going!! Look at your little precious babes! So cute!! I can't wait to catch up on all your posts this weekend.

  2. would love to get together and see you... you have to fill me in on all of this teaching stuff!!!


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