Just to let you know

i had a serious meltdown this morning when ethan peed on the the rug.  my kitchen seems to be messy 24/7 no matter what i do.  the cat jumped on my shoulder and clawed the mess out of my arm while i was looking at my face in the mirror because i do believe i have a touch of eczema on my face near the right side of my mouth.

i have also cleaned up 8 counts of cat vomit in 24 hours and believe my cats to be bulimic.

i want a do-over on tuesday.  thanks.


  1. That sucks! If it makes you feel better, we were all asleep last night and Cole woke up. Went in to comfort him. Rocky went in and started snorting. Yes. Snorting. Woke him up again. Then, an hour and half later, Rocky went shooting out the doggy door and woke us both up. Wanted to use him as shooting practice!

  2. And my dishes have been clean, sitting in the dishwasher since yesterday morning....

  3. Poor thing! We all have those days, don't we? Here's hoping that today is better!

  4. well, today was better {if you omit the very irksome rumor i heard about myself -- so jr. high, right??}

    other than that, today was lovely. i had coffee with adults and no children, i enjoyed spending time in the garden, i have the evening to myself in a quiet house. life is good.


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