i've had high hopes lately.  high hopes of getting organized, being productive, blazing my way through all of the projects that i want to accomplish.

we-ll... that hasn't been my reality.  really, i am just overwhelmed.  i feel like there is so much to do, and instead of diving in, i have just been a bit frozen.  i just sit back and say, "mmm-hmmm.  i've got a lot of things to do."  but then, if i were to step back from the whole situation, i would need to shake myself and say "stephanie, get.it.together.  you are a TERRIBLE time manager.  you should work harder."

and some of you might think i am being a little hard on myself.  maybe.  who knows.

what i do know is that before savvy came along, i had a schedule down.  i cleaned certain parts of the house on certain days, did grocery shopping, menu planning, errands, etc. all on a schedule.  i don't know if it is just that we have a new baby, or that faustino has been home more because of his research rotation, or if the summer did me in, but i am majorly off schedule.

this is the week that i will devise a plan to get me back on... because savoring the moment with your children is much easier to do if you have taken care of the chores.  and i'm the only "housekeeper" that is cleaning around here.  i'm not going for perfection here, i just feel like each and every week is eating me alive.

last week certainly did.  my eye is still twitching.  {although, to be fair, i did have a nice visit from my mother, a date this weekend with my husband, and a very lazy sunday.  so that was nice.  and i had a few friends that shared some lovely conversation time with me}

but faustino had a nice fishing trip away -- so. jealous.  which is a better vacation spot -- telluride or culebra?  faustino is on a telluride kick now.  and honestly, i'm thinking that the la quinta down the street sounds like vacation.

these are some of the pictures from his trip -- if you are really interested, you can click on any of the pictures to see the rest of them.




p.s.  faustino asked to borrow my camera for his trip... i said -- um, no.  call me mean and stingy.

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  1. Thank goodness I am not the only one who feels overwhelmed like that. It can be quite painful in a sense. :(


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