The Garden, Sweet Savannah, & My Life

i am having some serious mommy brain right now.  i start one thing, can't seem to stay focused, start another, and another.  i take on projects {like the stinkin' trellis} to prove to myself that i am getting lots accomplished.  ahem.  no, i am getting nothing accomplished.  so, i have sat in front of the computer several times to document savannah turning 4 months old... and i start, and don't finish.

losing your mind is the pits, i tell you.

so, i will bullet point this to simplify things for me.

Garden -- 
::  i finally finished the squash trellis.  today.  well, it was mostly finished on sunday.  and there were tears shed, arguments had, blood, and most definitely sweat.  was it worth it?  we shall see.  i think i stepped on one of my sprouts today, so if it is dead, i will quickly replant.  cross your fingers, people.  here is a photo of the finished product.  i got my design inspiration from several places.  and some from in my head.  and some of it was just what was available and would work in my space.  it is far from perfect.


::  I planted beets, carrots, 2 different lettuces, swiss chard, and 3 kinds of squash.  i ran out of room for my lima beans.  we still have from the spring: a gazillion tomato and pepper plants, 2 eggplants, green beans, and a cauliflower {which has yet to yield anything}, and the cantaloupe.  also the herbs, minus the cilantro and parsley and dill.

::  i can't wait to see if any of my seeds have sprouted tomorrow morning.

::  i also need to fertilize and weed.

::  the garden is supposed to be fun, but lately has been SO STINKING STRESSFUL.  i'm just telling you the truth.  

Savannah -- {most of this is for my own documentation...}
::  had her four month old check-up -- she is 17 lbs, 2.5 oz.  and 25.5 inches.  y'all, that is big.

::  we haven't started any solids yet because she only gets a dirty diaper once a week.  and i am in no hurry to introduce things and have plumbing difficulties.  plus, she isn't showing any interest in food.  i will probably hold out until she is 6 months old. 

::  she's not really the best sleeper.  she is some variation of awake from 2am - 6am.  she does go down very easy.  who knows when i will be brave enough to put her in ethan's room.

::  she rolled over on september 2.

::  she also is just now showing a genuine interest in toys.  {i had toys out for ethan to play with long before he was really ready}

Life --
::  it has been pouring rain nonstop for the last 2 days, and the kids school is flooded.  that makes getting things accomplished just a teensy bit harder.  i got the message while i was thawing milk for doodlebug, and i promptly put it back in the freezer.  bummer.

::  i have been stress eating.  2 hamburgers in one day... thank god i am burning calories by nursing.

::  i am terribly tardy in writing thank you notes.  i just can't seem to focus on anything these days.

::  thanks to the miracle of tivo, i am nearly caught up on my soap.  it has been watched primarily while i have folded clothes and cleaned up toys.  that should say something about how i have been chasing my tail.

::  i made a delicious chicken pot pie on sunday.  i need to start posting my recipes on here so that i can look them up to remember what i did.  for now, a tip for myself next time: the fresh thyme and rosemary made all the difference. 

::  i desperately need to go to bed earlier, and wake up earlier.  i have been a rotten time manager lately.  rotten.

::  nearly every fourth word i type seems to be misspelled.  i'm going to bed.  even though i have so much left to do today.    


  1. this post is REEEE-FRESHING!!! (except for the fact you built and trelis AND have a garden - I will IGNORE that part). it is SO nice to hear another (what I consider NORMAL) Mommy's ramblings! :)


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