hello folks


i am alive.

i wrote out a blog post at the beginning-ish of the month... it was all about where we've been... what we've done... but it felt soulless.

so i couldn't publish it.

and then, while sitting at the beach (alone!  whoohooo!!) on a sunny tuesday morning, i wrote out another post.  more soulful.

i just haven't sat down to go from handwritten to typed up.  and then add pictures.

and really, i shouldn't even be doing this.  i have a messy house.  we still need to do math.  and i must, and i mean MUST get to the store.  food makes this house happy.

but i have this aching in my heart to write on my blog.  i miss it.  and it feels so good to spill my thoughts into my own little space.  but rest assured that in the last month we have lived it up in SoCal.  and i am, i really am, finding a groove with this teaching stuff.

and i am trying to live struggle free.  and complaint free.  and seek out patience and joy.  and soak up the gorgeous scenery that surrounds me.

and today, fight some sort of pathetic head cold.  in my mind... i thought i wouldn't have a lick of allergies in this part of the world.  what was i thinking?  something is ALWAYS blooming here.

xoxo and achoo.

and i will do a photo dump soon.  i mean, we have had first days of school, and photo ops galore. 
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