whisper to me that everything will be okay


like it or not, we are moving.  i might just be in total denial.  yet, it is really happening.  the truck really will come.  we will be moving.


and like it or not, i will have new waters to navigate.  depending on the day (hour? minute?) i feel excited.  or bummed out.  or nervous.  i don't exactly do change well.  when we moved out here, in the months leading up to the move, and then after the move i had a constant eye twitch.  like, for six whole months.  the day the truck came, i literally had moments where i forgot to breathe.


but this is really happening.  and i need to embrace it with grace.

and the house hunt.  finding the perfect rental.  that needs to happen with grace.


and if i am being really honest, i haven't been so graceful.  the *perfect* house came on to the rental market and then had a contract pending before i ever saw it.  i have been completely bummed out.  how could i have missed it?  why did we miss it?  does God even care?  i mean, there are big things out there that God surely is worrying about?  my house hunt... i am being picky.  hasn't He lost patience with this one?


and then, my favorite yoga instructor, posted a beautiful paragraph or two about change and contentedness.  i wanted to write back, tell her i needed her to go everywhere with me and whisper that to me everyday for the next two months.


and then it hit me.  i already have someone who can whisper these things to me.  that is present through all of my days.  He can move mountains.  He is master of the universe.

so i will inhale.  and exhale.  and keep alert.  i will trust that we will be exactly where we need to be.  have i not seen such faithfulness before?  i have.  have i not been well taken care of?  indeed, i have.

and so i work to shift.  shift from scarcity to abundance.  from fear to faith.  



by the way... i still have 14,398 unrelated photos to share.  okay? thanks.

xoxo, s

and p.s.  can you please take 1 quick minute to pray over where we will live?  i simply feel quite out of control with it.
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