Good Night

savannah is still in the {absolutely precious borrowed heirloom} cradle next to our bed.  i am convinced that she smells me because regardless of the hour, 15 minutes after i go to bed, baby savvy wakes up.  not hungry -- she just wants to be cuddled.  well, that's sweet and all, but mama's got to get some shut-eye.  and she would be fine sleeping in bed with us, but did i mention that we have a double bed?   i worry about one of us rolling on top of her.  {a larger bed is on my list of things we must buy once we are done with residency and fellowship.  until then...}  so if i do bring her to bed, the quality of my sleep is pretty low. 

so tonight, i will sleep on the couch.

cross your fingers.  i could use at least a 3 hour stretch of uninterrupted sleep. 


  1. SO FEEL YOUR PAIN! I slept on the couch last night too, then when he woke up and ate again put him back in his bed only to move us bed at both to our 5:30....

  2. Baby boy is still in pack n play in our room too. Ah..... What to do?! Ha. Can't wait to see you tues????Lindsey b

  3. lindsey - can't wait to see you tuesday!!

    amanda - i hope things are going better...


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