Let Me Catch You Up to Speed...

we should start with the last full week of september, and i will recap it in one word.  hideous.  {which is why i didn't want to blog.  taking my cues from thumper about saying nice things}

moving on. 

then, sunday the 26th was my birthday, and i had the beyond wonderful and overdue treat of spending then night away from my children.  an actual day off.

and i received money to go buy some new clothes, because my wardrobe of target specials was just. not. hacking. it. anymore.   I know that a lot of folks out there would say they need new clothes, but some of my stuff was from high school.  and i wasn't known for my snazzy clothes back then.  can you imagine what they are now?  so, i am having fun purchasing a few things that actually are in style.  do you realize how easy it is to let the mom frump creep up on you?  i even got a hair cut.  do you know how spoiled and fancy i feel??  {and slightly pathetic??  the girl at the gap said "you are TOO YOUNG to just GIVE UP"  i'm serious.  she must have looked at me and thought i was pretty far gone.}

anyway, back to the weekend away.  we went to the hill country for a very low key 2 night getaway.  we stayed at the walden plantation and i have nothing but wonderful things to say about the place.  it was a bed and breakfast without the whole creepy staying at an old lady's house thing.  and it was a total bargain.  a steal, really.  we received a lot of attention and the breakfasts were great.  loved it.

these are some photos taken on faustino's little waterproof camera.  i left mine in the bag... good thing, too, because towards the end of us fishing, i totally busted it on a mossy rock in the river. {i had a very wet long sleave}

this is a picture of the B&B from the river

what's with me and the fish??  i was just posing with it.  i'm no fisher-woman. {and no beauty queen posting this photo of myself with no makeup on}


pictures don't really do it justice.  it was very pretty, quiet, and removed... but an easy drive into town, and maybe next time we'll go on some of the winery tours...


faustino fished... we went to some antique stores much to faustino's protests... i ate a boatload of tasty food and now feel like i must survive on chicken broth to atone for my caloric sins.  i'm only sort of kidding.  i really was out. of. control. with the food.  i was eating like a teenage boy.

we came home on tuesday, the kids had school, the end of the week FLEW by and i had to pack us up to drive home for my high school reunion.  which will be another post for another day.

for now, i am going to sleep.

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