Confessions {quite random, i might add}

so, i've got some RANDOM confessions to make.  i'm thinking if i just unload everything from my brain, it will be therapeutic for me... 

::  i made jalapeno jelly.  i could show you this picture:

or i could show you these:
i was a hot mess, quite literally, in the kitchen.  seriously, my hands burned until the next day.  wear gloves, people.  don't learn the hard way, like me...

:: and, you see, our tiny abode has no exhaust fan.  so for hours afterward my eyes and lungs are stinging of spicy fumes.

::  i needed a larger pan but am waiting until the year 2015 to get one.  until then, i will just cope with boil overs. :)

::  canning makes me wish that i had a sister wife.  i mean, just sayin'  {i sadly don't get tlc -- no cable -- but i saw them on oprah}

::  ethan, despite his bad behavior this week, has DELIGHTED me with playing pretend {holding a car out, saying, "mama, this is you, and this is me"} waving to random strangers and saying "hi" when the car window is down, and kissing all of my boo-boos.  he did irritate me when he purposely pooped his pants.  geez.  cut me a break.

::  speaking of boo-boos, i opened the car door on my face.  hard.  i wish i had a picture to show you how much it throbs.  i am NOT being dramatic.

::  i am so far behind in my soap opera, that i recorded a word world for ethan instead of days {on at the same time} because i will probably have to buy a 10 episode pass from itunes.  sad, i know.

::  i haven't started sewing savannah's halloween costume yet.

::  and i tried to finish the dress i started for her and decided i hated it.  another one bites the dust.

::  i have decided that i have real issues of bitterness with people, too. {not just circumstances and stuff -- see last post} and since it is multiple people, i think it is my attitude that needs to change.  {too bad i am making NO strides to change it.  perhaps tomorrow}

::  savannah has been so silly lately, wanting to chew her toes.  i am giggly over it.

::  i could eat her alive...

::  seeing ethan's friends lose their "toddler" is really killing me.  they are starting to look like little kids.

::  i purchased a pair of jeggings.  in a tiny size.  and i wore them.  in public!  around people i know!! {verses strangers that if you look like an idiot in front of, they won't see you again...}

::  i haven't been going out on any fashion limbs lately.  i never ever thought i would be that washed up mom in khaki shorts... yikes.  its me...  jeggings are a big deal.

::  i may fit in the jeggings but i am terribly out of shape and haven't gotten motivated to do anything about it.  i could stand to do several million crunches, too.  you might say, "whatever."  but seriously, i am winded after walking around costco.

::  there are two parking spots a my son's school that are supposed to be for deliveries... and then there is a space {as big as a parking space} in between them that is marked off for loading.  well... i have parked there for drop off and pick up the last 3 school days.  {with exception of parking on the street once -- another no, no}  i am due for some BAD parking karma.  perhaps this is why we were completely out of luck for the state fair??  all lots full.  park on street at own risk.  sheesh.

::  at school on friday, i had a conversation with another mom and kept getting weird looks from her.  turns out i don't know her.  after she turned the corner i realized the person i thought she was -- was standing next to me.  nice.  really nice.

::  gosh i wish i knew who all reads this, because i have another funny story about a mom i run into all the time at school and around town... but i can't wrap my head around how to make it pc.  email me and i will tell you.

::  i went to a wedding and had a "do i know you" moment with a girl in the bathroom, and we figured it out right away... can i just say that NEVER happens??  i am usually mulling over it for days!  here's to FIG!  here's to not working for Gavin!  :)

::  savannah won't sleep well anywhere except her crib.  my children share a room.  i must confess, naptimes are hellish.

::  everytime a homeless person starts digging in the dumpsters in the alley behind my house and we are outside playing, i whisk ethan into the house kicking and screaming, hissing at him to be quiet and come inside.  at what point will i have to explain why i am doing this?  not looking forward to that one...

::  when i planted carrots in the garden, i spilled a bunch of seeds in the grass.  nice, huh?
IMG_4138with text

::  it is almost 5 on a sunday and i don't have too much to show for it.  shame on me.

have a good week! 
xoxo, s


  1. You crack me up. I've often wondered who all reads my blog as well to know if I could post some things. :) And it took me a week to get the house vacuumed and mopped. Thought I'd share. Wish we lived closer!

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  3. I love reading your post! You are so real and so honest! Have a question for you...we might have to share nurseries as well...I know you are all cutesy...how did you manage to do this with a boy and a girl?

  4. thank you! ahh... room sharing... i should do a whole post on it -- because i sought out advice and i'm learning trial and error. savannah's bedding just arrived yesterday {i ordered it forever ago on etsy, and finally got it} and it is pink and shades of blue. ethan's is denim. denim goes with everything. i am putting some kind of peacock wall art near savvy's stuff and he will have other animals. it isn't perfect, but you can't do "boy themes" with "girl themes" and keep your sanity!!


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