the Reason I've Been an Airhead

yesterday i got a little gift.  it was a reason.  a reassurance that i am not going bonkers.  or am super lazy.  or crazy, for that matter. 

i just need to be on thyroid medicine.

you see, with ethan, i had postpartum thyroiditis.  and it sucked.  and as it turns out, i have it again.  and last month, i betcha {though, there isn't a way to confirm it} i was hyperthyroid.  and now i am hypothyroid.  hyperthyroid = i felt like i was losing my mind.  hypothyroid = i feel like my brain is gone and my body is on slow mode.

hallelujah!  there is a reason that i can drink a 12 oz. sugar free red bull, a bottle of coke zero, a tall latte, 3/4 of a 2-quart pitcher of iced tea and STILL feel exhausted.

let me also add that up until october 1st -ish, miss savannah wasn't sleeping through the night.  it was a cocktail that turned me into a zombie.  seriously, there have been times, i have felt like the walking dead. 

so, when i got a phone call from the dr.'s office, i was so excited that i had a legitimate medical reason for feeling like this.  thank you, lord.

and because no post is complete without a photo --



  1. Sucky that you have to deal with that but great news that you can fix it:) Glad you will be feeling like yourself soon!

  2. hey i understand hypothyroidism! i have been fighting that for more than 10 years! love ya honey!
    aunt bonnie

  3. thank you! i am just glad that i was validated with test results showing the thyroid dysfunction... hopefully it will even itself out in time, like it did after ethan.


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