Long and Rambling about the Week

yikes, i have been a bad blogger.  and a bad blog reader as well.  my google reader is SCARY and i may have to declare google reader bankruptcy and hit all read and start over.  i really hate that.  it is over 400 unread posts.  i just have not had my act together lately {ask me if i have even sent the paperwork in to start my junior league placement}

but there are some really noteworthy things going on here that need to get blogged about.  like the fact that ethan and savannah are sharing a room.  as in, they both sleep in the same room all night and i don't go in until the morning.  as in, HELLO, SANITY!  i just might get a couple of LONG OVERDUE thank you notes written!  or my house dusted!  or my garden weeded!  {wait -- see below -- i am sick!}

it started in longview, when savannah slept in the crib and ethan in the bed, and they did okay.  and so i just kept going when we got home.  we have had 2 bumpy nights, but really, i am so blissed out about the whole thing, a bad night here or there won't stop me.  and savannah wakes up around 6am to nurse, so i quickly whisk her out, nurse her, and then ethan gets up around 7.  it isn't perfect, but he is getting used to it.  i love having my home back.  my bedroom back.  ahhhh.... so wonderful!  you people with 2 kids and 3 bedrooms, you don't know how sweet you have it!! 

i am still waiting for the bedding i ordered from etsy.  the lady seems to be taking her sweet time with it... i am DYING for the kids' room to get decorated so that i can start teaching ethan about taking pride in your room, making your bed, etc.  i have his duvet cover but no comforter... i was going to go to ikea today and get one, but will have to do that next week.

have i mentioned any savannah stats?  she's approximately 18.4 lbs {me on the scale with and without her - who knows how accurate that is} and she is sitting up if you put her there, but will fall over easily with no control.  she is rolling all over and she scoots along {i don't see it happen, but will look up and she is way off her play mat} both forward and backward on her tummy.  no teeth yet, but maybe soon?  she's drooly and cranky -- not the best napper this week.

and ethan is doing REMARKABLE on the potty.  today he even went on his own when i asked him.  {that is a feat, by the way} and he woke up dry this morning, and after nap.  in fact, we were dry all day long!  the only key is he is not self motivated to go.  you have to make him.  but he holds it until you force him to go.  is this a boy thing? 

other noteworthy things:  we went to the baylor/tech state fair combo thing last weekend, and seriously, the traffic was on the "never again" scale.  but the game was fun even though we lost, and ethan had a blast.  i managed to take a few photos but they didn't really make the cut for the blog... they were of a squinting child eating a hot dog trying to do "sic em bears" at the same time.  multitasking didn't photograph well.

and the fair... well, hmmm.... i think some people LOVE it.  i didn't.  it was full of fat, greasy people standing in line to by fatty greasy food.  i thought it was gross.  i tried the "fried latte"  {because the lines for fried bacon, fried cheesecake and fried margarita were LOOONG} and what was it?  cappuccino ice cream in some puff pastry with some whipped topping and instant coffee flecks.  hmmm.  worth $5?  nah.  we parked so far away {the lots were full} in a neighborhood and i was tickled pink the car was still there with all 4 windows {and wheels, haha!} in tact.  perhaps on a weekday morning i would like the fair... i MIGHT try that next year.  

then we went to the zoo on sunday and then again on monday.  sunday was the kids and me, faustino and grammy, then on monday ethan and the girls.  {well, now that sabrina has a little boy it isn't just the girls... technicalities}  he was such a boy the whole time.  would not listen, sit in the stroller, hold a hand, pay attention.  little boys are tough like that!



i am telling you, we have had a serious power struggle.  but i think that i have won.  i won by leaving the park yesterday when he wouldn't listen to me and started throwing a fit.  he didn't think i would leave, but i did.  and it was nasty.  a nasty fit.  it went on and on.  and after his nap he was still crying about the playground.  mama means business.  this is the not so fun side of parenting.  it would be much easier to "distract" rather than follow with a consequence, but i want his respect.  yuck.

and on the way home, all of the sudden i felt sick.  as in:  earache, sore throat, body aches and then by the time it was naptime, there is no denying it, i am sick.  so, here i have been.  i canceled going to ikea with my mom today.  i didn't go to bunko this evening.  i've got lots to do.  like make jalapeno jelly.  and sew a costume for savannah.  and craft a few birthday presents.  and laundry {does it ever end?}

and being sick and laying around have given me time to reflect on the fact that lately i am sort of a jealous, bitter person.  does anyone have any self improvement reading suggestions for me?  i am saying this lightly, but seriously, this is an issue for me.  i've made choices in my life.  choices that i am proud of, choices that are my heart's desire. my choices have perks and pitfalls.  right now the pitfalls are in the stuff category.  {i.e.  not having dual incomes keeps you from having an iphone} yet, i look at other people, in different places in life, and want their "perks" of their choices.  sometimes all of this is under control and i am okay with it, and other times it really is a bee in my bonnet.  i do not like that about myself.

so, seriously, do you have any reading suggestions for me?

okay, goodnight, taking a tylenol pm...


  1. Goodness. I love you and all of your posts. You are such a GREAT mom! xoxo

  2. you are so sweet. did a little bird tell you that i really needed to hear this today? thank you.

  3. I sooooo appreciate your honesty. Seriously. :)


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