6 months

today my little sweetheart is 6 months old!  where has the time gone?  so i won't forget, i want to make a "savannah list"

at 6 months she:

::  sleeps through the night - preferring to go to sleep around 7:30 and wake up around 6

::  nurses roughly every four hours {6:00, 10:00,  2:00, 6:00) and then a "top off" at 7:30 before bed

::  can be flexible with her eating and sleeping, and if we need to stay up late {a high school football game} or go out, she will eat whenever i feed her

::  sits up on her own, but not for more than a minute or two

::  scoots around on her belly

::  flips onto her tummy to sleep

::  will use the pacifier or her thumb/finger/fingers/hand to soothe herself

::  poops only once a week

::  has not begun solids {soon... next week?}

::  enjoys watching her brother

::  is interested in toys that brother is playing with {a bulldozer!  a firetruck!!}

::  is heavy!  i weighed her yesterday {while waiting for brother to get the flu mist} and she was 18 lbs, 9.5 oz!

::  laughs, talks, smiles, and smirks

::  cries rarely.

::  is wearing 9 - 12 month clothes, with onesies being the most troublesome {chubby legs!}

::  is toothless!

::  is on the way to outgrowing her carseat.

i will take better photos when she wakes up, but this is what she is doing right now.  she's totally spent after going to the zoo.

we are so blessed to have her in our lives -- i cannot imagine our family without her.  she is easy, and sweet and fun.  i feel honored to be her mother.


  1. love your new posts! although, reading your six month post, means i need an eight month post, which means I am BEHIND! saw that you called earlier today. maybe we can talk tomorrow? hugs to your sweet babies :)

  2. today was a disaster. DISASTER. 2nd time this week faustino was on call {will be post call tomorrow - we have school, boo at the zoo, nap [faustino will be napping, too] and then a football game. }

    anyway, don't even remember what i was calling about. seriously, i could open a bottle of wine right now and veg on the couch -- except i have to sew savannah's costume and clean up the tornado that is having a toddler live in my house.

    xoxo, s


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