10 Year Reunion Weekend

last weekend the four of us made a trip to longview for my high school reunion.  it was fun and interesting, strange at times, but all in all a good weekend.  i think the random highlight of the trip for us was buying wine at kroger on friday night and being schooled by an eager employee about the benefits of franzia.  so many ounces! serve it from the 'fridgerator!  what the rich millionaires and the people in england drink!!"  it is not my intent to offend any of you franzia drinkers out there, it was just SO funny the way it all happened.  he was very well meaning and we were nice to him, i even held it together and didn't laugh.  i would think it couldn't get any worse, and then he would start talking again.  :)  we didn't purchase this bargain beverage; we told him we were looking for something else...

on satuday we had a picnic where you could bring your children...

why is it SO hard to take a photo of your kids where they both smile at the camera??

so, as a side note, i would like to let you know that i carefully packed everything for the trip and forgot savannah's bloomers.  i just about had a heart attack.  luckily, i brought another dress for my mom to hem and included the bloomers on the hanger {why?? who knows} but they somewhat matched and my crisis was averted.  now, you may think, what the heck is wrong with you?  does it even matter??  but no bloomers is a pet peeve of mine, and to get all the way to longview without any was a colossal oversight on my part.  i just wanted to feel like i had everything together {which i obviously don't} and faustino was giving me a hard time about it "oh, you even got the car washed"  "oh, i see why you got your haircut" and "are you going to clean your ring, too?" all really sarcastically.  the irony of the bloomers.  none of the other things really mattered that much to me, but the bloomers do, and i forgot them!!!

i actually think i liked the dark bloomers better than the white ones i was planning... what do you think?

felicity and savannah
if i really had my act together, i would scan a high school photo in to see if they look like us

we lined some of the little ones up for photos. 


and carson couldn't keep his hands of the ladies...


and again, if one was smiling, the others were not.


it was fun to see everyone's babies!
sweet jenn and carson -- i talk to jenn every day and this was the first time i've met him!!

brittany was the super trooper with her 5 week old.

that afternoon, we got home, and ethan had some surprises.  my mom scored a $5, new in the box bubble mower from a garage sale next door, and he was in HEAVEN.  we sat outside, enjoyed the weather and watched ethan mow the grass.






then we went inside, and ethan got another toy!  {can you say spoiled!?!} you see, when we went to llano, ethan told my mother all about "cranky" and "alfie" which he decided he wanted to "try and buy" well, she couldn't resist getting it for him while he was still talking about it.   


and didn't want to leave savvy out, so she bought her a new activity center

then we got ready and went to the actual reunion, and had a pretty good time.

but this is where the photos end because i didn't want to lug my camera... jenn, i'll steal your photos...

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