i have come a long way.  last year, i did nothing for halloween.  seriously.  i went to hobby lobby and then went to my mother-in-law's house and ate pizza.

this year was a different story altogether.

first, i must point out that i didn't procrastinate to the max, and actually had a costume for ethan weeks before halloween.  thank you very much costco.

we had time to try the costume out a little.  he had time to break it in... he ended up wanting to wear it all the time, and i had to put it up so that it would all be in one piece once we needed it.

we even went "trunk or treating" the weekend before halloween {and tagged along with ethan's 3 sweet girlfriends}  ethan learned the art of trick or treating...

so the evening of halloween, we were all ready.  i have a sweet friend that invited us to join her family and friends on a hay-ride trick or treat extravaganza, complete with a chili dinner pre-party.  we had a lot of fun.

ethan enjoyed his pirate costume

and his little parrot sidekick.

**** i really must be somewhat honest though, and tell you that savannah's costume was crafted the week of halloween.  and i might have stayed up to an ungodly hour working on it.  and faustino might have told me that her headpiece made her look like a ranger's fan wearing a yield sign.  so we might have just been working on the hat portion of her costume a couple hours before we needed to leave.  i will also say that faustino's superior craftsmanship of the parrot beak was the best part of the costume.  he saved the day.  just didn't want you to think that i was a super star.  i'm not. **** 

i did try to make sure that her gumdrop paci matched her costume.  i know, i'm a weirdo.

she wanted his sword...

he said "arrgg" or something like it...

she was in her own parrot world

we had quite a good time.  savannah wasn't too fussy {we were past her bedtime} and ethan was only scared twice.  and not too badly.  very brave and tough!  he was the most worried about the truck/trailer circling around to join us down the street while we were out trick or treating -- i think he was worried we would be stranded.

aren't his little girlfriends cute??

and isn't it completely rare that we have a family photo??

we concluded the night by lighting our jack 'o lanterns.  daddy even let him have a sucker {mommy never lets him have a sucker}

the only real puzzle of the evening was when i realized {once we got home} that somewhere between the trailer of hay and our car, the trick or treat bag disappeared.  definitely a trick, not a treat.

and then, after the kids were down for the night, at 9:45, kids knocked on our door {to be fair, our pumpkins were lit} but seriously??  what were their parents thinking???  yikes.

i hope that you had a wonderful halloween.  and i hope that you are eating all of your kids' candy...


  1. you all look so good! give the kids a kiss for me!
    aunt bonnie

  2. i LOVE the parrot costume! i've been waiting for a peek. great job momma! as for my week....

    on monday, emma overflowed the bathroom sink...
    on tuesday, emma overflowed the toilet...
    and on wednesday, she peed all over my freshly mopped floor.

    i. am. about. to. lose. it.

    i mopped again, and put her in the tub with water.

    if i can't keep her away from the water, i thought i would just put her IN the water.

    can't beat em, join em, i guess?

    right? still trying to clean my house.

    hugs, jenn

  3. Just the cutest pirate & parrot I've ever seen!!


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