Reality Check

so i logged into blogger... and checked on a few blogs, and was going to write a bit of a negative post about my day... 

but one of the blogs i checked on was to see how a friend's little boy did in heart surgery this morning.  He's just 3 and he had a valve replacement, and that really puts things into perspective... it went well, but he will still have recovery, and it breaks my heart that a sweet little boy who likes to run and jump and play is lying in a bed in an ICU.  i see my own little active boy, and thank god that he is healthy.  if you are the praying type, i would love it if you lifted up this sweet family.

and i'll bottle up my negativity for now...


  1. Hi there,
    My little nephew has hypoplastic left heart syndrome. I will keep your friend and her little one in my thoughts. Davita

  2. thank you! i checked her update - all seems well, but heartbreaking nonetheless. photos of a little boy in a hospital bed are hard to take. we have a friend finishing up a peds residency, and my husband and i always comment to one another that we don't know how he copes with all the sick kids. it must be the hardest thing.

    our little friend has Pulmonary Atresia and had an aneurysm and worn out valve...i know that they initially thought they would be replacing a valve when he was a teenager, not a toddler. i can't imagine the strength it takes to keep it together for your child in situations like that!

    i hope that your little nephew is well.

    xoxo, s


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