sooooo.... bad things happen in 3's right?

1.  kidney infection for yours truly
2.  10 days of cipro to fight it = no breastfeeding {pump & dump -- give savvy formula}
3.  massive oil leak in the volvo to the tune of christmas presents.

we're done right?  that's three.  please, please tell me that 1. and 2. are separate and not the same thing.  i hope that there isn't another bad thing looming on the horizon.  yuck.

in other news, on sunday savannah started rice cereal.  she did okay.  i am the one that hasn't been consistent.  surprise, surprise.  {and do you like the xmas jammies?  they were fleece, it was cold.  did i mention our heat isn't working?? yeah...}

and in our prep work for disney i have downloaded various disney productions and loaded them on to the ipod.  {we don't have cable -- so we don't get the disney channel.  so i have been educating him...}  does he look so old or what in this picture?

i think we are getting very close to crawling.  she scoots a lot.  she can sit for a LONG time too.  i don't know if i am ready for her to be mobile.  yikes.

ethan has decided to go hog wild picking out his wish list.  lord help us.  {see #3 above}  how do kids know to pick toys out of catalogs??  i did not teach him.  i swear.

and after being inspired by a friend's son's blog post, my mother-in-law cooked julia's beef bourguignon recipe {with my carrots!!} and while she said it was difficult, might have been the best meal i have had in months.  seriously.  perfect comfort food for feeling like crap.  and do you like my carrots??  i planted these and grew them.  from tiny little seeds.  it really is pretty cool... 

and that is what we have been doing lately.  i have also desperately tried to keep up with the laundry.  oh. my. gracious.  we have so much laundry.  and housework.  and groceries.  and sleep.  i could sleep for the rest of the week.  basically i am a zombie.  what's new??

xoxo, s


  1. those carrots look awesome!! we planted carrots from seeds too, but I didn't pluck enough out so they were WAY overcrowded and didn't grow properly. i was pretty bummed.

  2. oh my goodness, did not know you had a kidney infection! how awful... the pics of the kids are soooo adorable!! have a wonderful weekend! --kat :)

  3. davita - i am scared that my others are overcrowded... i think i will be plucking them after hearing of your experience...

    and thanks, kat. kidney infections are not fun. antibiotics are all done now, i'm all better, and today i got to nurse savannah. thank goodness!


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