was today really halloween?

Oops. Today was most definitely Halloween -- I have a young child -- and we didn't do anything for the holiday. Do I get the "Bad Mommy" award for this one? The thing is, Faustino is on call, and when he is on call on a Saturday, that means its just me and Ethan. Weekends are for families... and not for having "play dates" with our kiddo/mom friend combinations... so... since he doesn't know what Halloween is... and he wasn't begging to go trick-or-treating... and we don't live in the neighborhoods that have the "closed trick-or-treating thing" {which although sounds, maybe, a wee bit elitist, I wouldn't really take him in my neighborhood...especially by myself!} we didn't even don the cowboy costume. {boo, hiss, Mommy is no fun} Instead we had pizza at Grammy's house. Ethan did enjoy the delivery man dressed as a pirate.

I will stage some "Halloween Costume Photos" in the morning. I know, I am pathetic.

But, here are the photos from TCU Music costume day:

I think he wants her fish. In fact, if I remember right, he ended up trying to steal her fishing pole.

One more Halloween slacker notch in my belt: we didn't even carve a pumpkin.

On the flip side, I managed to drag Ethan to both JoAnn and Hobby Lobby in the quest for cute fabric... and even out to the House of Blades to have my sewing scissors sharpened. Still no luck on the fabric... really worried I will have to just buy something off the internet or settle for something I don't love...

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