First Post

So... I have been putting this blog thing off for awhile. I really should have started it before Ethan was born... or at least while he was a little baby. But I didn't. And so I have to go back and dig up all the scraps of paper I kept to complete his baby book... if only I had blogged those tidbits of information.

So now I thought, before the next little baby arrives, I really should do this blogging thing. And really, it is so much easier to share photos this way... I think I spent an hour trying to compress and send Jenn photos of pumpkins and my bathroom... surely a blog post would have been faster. And... now with the sewing machine... I have crafty projects to share. Not that anyone will really read this or care!

Hmmm... now to put photos in a post... well I will at least attempt it... hmm.. {Lindsey, this is for you!} Whoa! Photos are easy... who knew?

This is my crafty pumpkin... I got the idea from here

And then this is my new pet project that I will begin after I figure out what fabrics to use... I want to love the fabric... and I don't want it to look too spring-y. {or beach-y for that matter}

This is enough random-ness for one evening... I still have to tidy the kitchen. Will post Halloween pictures this weekend... Ethan is a cowboy. Not too imaginative, but I didn't hear any begging and pleading to free him from the costume like I did when I attempted Ethan the Dragon and Ethan the Dino... both were disasters. And Faustino wanted him to be a Mummy... but somehow sewing a costume for a anti-costume child began to sound more and more unappealing. Faustino thinks that Halloween costumes should be ghoulish. Well... this year, we didn't go ghoulish. There is always next year...


  1. Your next little baby arrives?!? Congrats!!!

  2. Thank you! So exciting... due May 5th... I will need tips from you!

  3. Stephanie,
    So exciting you are blogging now. I am so far behind on mine right now, getting back into it soon.

    Also, I'm glad to hear you are sewing now, I have also started and hopefully will be upgrading my machine soon. Can't wait to see what you make.

    Congrats on your newest addition to your family.



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