happy day

a bullet point list of today's highlights, because i promised that i would be back today with a happy attitude.

::  the pool with the kids and a sweet friend this morning

::  completely pigging out for lunch.  as in, i am not even hungry for dinner.

::  not using any dishes today {did i mention that my dishwasher is broken...} and not having dishes to wash!

::  a random visit from another sweet friend.

::  my baby pooped after a week without a dirty diaper.  makes a mom crazy...

::  potty training is starting to click with ethan.  i wasn't short tempered either.

::  drinking a full sugar coke.  i never allow myself to drink that many calories.

::  hugs and kisses from the kiddos.  no tantrums from ethan.  i think he knew i needed a break.

and did i take any pictures today? no... so because i like pictures with my posts, here's one from the other day that isn't particularly great, but i love how savannah is enjoying looking at her big brother clowning around on the bed.  too cute.

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