look what came in the mail yesterday!


do you like them?  i am super pleased with how they turned out.  and very proud of my frugality on the purchase.  i had a lady design them from etsy and then i printed them from snapfish.  lets just say that it was totally worth it to give up the things i wanted {5x7, 100lb cardstock, linen finish, front and back} for what i got {4x6, matte finish photo paper, front only}  i saved over $140.  somehow i didn't think faustino would deem $140 extra to get all the things i wanted in an announcement a very important way to spend the very little income a resident earns.  and we are saving for disney world.  {yes, it is official, the plans are in motion to go} 

now the question.  do i hand address them or print out labels?  what do you do?  what do you prefer??

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  1. Simple & adorable & elegant! And although it doesn't matter now, I appreciate handwritten if you have good handwriting. ;) Which I remember you having.


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