Ribbon dancer having so much fun! Ribbon dancer... GOTTA GET ONE!!!!

do y'all remember that toy from the '80's?  i had one by the way... but i digress! 

on saturday evening, we went to my cousin's beautiful wedding.  i love weddings.  i really do.  {i love them even more now that my weekends aren't consumed by them and i am not working them...although that afforded me the chance to see some of the most amazing receptions...} but i feel like many of the weddings for my friends have come and gone and we are in a different stage of life... so i get really excited about attending a wedding these days.  what will her dress look like? the flowers? the cake? what will they do to make it their own? 


i love all the details.  my cousin really paid attention to the details... the invitations, the programs, the bridesmaid dresses, the decorations... it all had the same feel, the same design.  each piece naturally transitioned to the next.  the color palate was yellow, gray and teal.  i thought it was very sophisticated.  the invitations did a great job at setting the tone, and apparently, my cousin designed them herself.  very talented.

the only caveat was that we were taking the kids.  i have very mixed feelings on bringing young children to weddings... but after talking with my aunt and my mother, and of course faustino, we decided that savannah and ethan would join us.

both were quasi well behaved... faustino and i didn't want to make a scene, so both ended up not quite making it through the entire ceremony.  but really, it could have been so. much. worse.  savannah and i watched from the back of the church for about half of it... and ethan was taken outside because he lost it once i got up.  he dropped one of his bribes toys and that set things into motion...

but ethan certainly did well at the reception.  he ate well and danced well... and i think i laughed the hardest i had in a long while.  i think faustino was just crossing his fingers that ethan doesn't tryout to be on the USA rhythmic gymnastic team with his talent for dancing with the ribbon {provided by the dj -- i don't tote toys like this around with us}




random tidbit for you?  my aunt wore a beautiful vintage dress... and had a beautiful vintage clutch.  i think i need to go shop her closet....


and much to ethan's dismay, we left before cake.  ethan did not sleep a wink on the way home.  and savannah cried. the. entire. drive. home.  it will be a long time before ethan or baby sister attend another wedding.  i foresee babysitters in their future...

and that wraps up my weekend!

in the works for this week:  a trip to the zoo, a new dishwasher, a major garden weeding project, a sewing project, and making my school year resolutions.  stay tuned.


  1. I literally laughed out loud at the Rhythmic Gymnastics line...too funny! Glad ya'll had fun!

  2. joanna - i wish you could see the videos. hilarious.


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