the twins' shower

this weekend i had the pleasure of helping host a shower for my sister-in-law's twin girls that will be making their debut in september.  i am so proud of how it all turned out --- kristi had a great showing of her friends, she received some wonderful things for the twins, and i think everyone had a nice time...

on tuesday evening, i got the bright idea to make these two buntings, and i thought it would be the perfect project to practice my applique skills {from this inspiring tutorial} and found out that when you are new to applique it takes a long stinkin' time to make 9 letters.  thank you, kristi, for not naming your children long names.  i am still sub-par, so i can practice on savannah's name. {which will not be fun to do... but will make for good practice.}  and notice, i did take a close up of these for you.  intentional.  during this sewing project i was so focused i couldn't even watch tivo'd episodes of my soap, if that says anything... and they were still not close-up worthy.

also on tuesday {do i wait until the eleventh hour, or what??} i decided that everything should match.  the games, the favors, the sign in sheet, the gift recording sheet, the flowers, etc.  so i took the image from the etsy designed invites and put it on all the paper things... and i loved every minute of it.  i am kicking myself for not taking graphic design classes at baylor.  it would be so nice to know how to use photoshop.  seriously, maybe i will when my kids go to school... hmmm... food for thought.


and guests took one of these when they left.  they are my mother-in-law's danish sugar cookies.  melt in your mouth buttery goodness.  do you want the recipe?

and a special thanks to my husband... who let me leave the housework half-done and took care of the kids on saturday.  he also cooked dinner on friday.  hamburgers on the grill and homemade french fries.  and i wonder why the scale didn't move down this weekend?  between dinner like that and the shower {and the wine and champagne in the middle of the day??!? decadence!} here's to healthy choices in August...


  1. It looks like it was beautiful and the banner and all the details were precious! Nice work:)

  2. thanks, sabrina. and thanks for the expert advice! and thanks for commenting. i love it!


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