little hands

my little boy is stringing beads on a piece of jute.  these beads were mine from when i was a crafty child -- i saved them from broken jewelry, projects, and even from summers at kanakuk.  i've just never been able to throw them away because i thought they would be good for something.  and now my taste has evolved... and cheapo beads aren't so appealing for my own projects, but how much fun it was for me to see ethan using them.  and when faustino gave me a raised eyebrow about why our son was stringing beads, saying he was making a necklace, i replied - "fine motor skills, honey."  and his little hands are doing much better on the fine motor skill front because of it...


and for record keeping purposes, last night, ethan was having a hard time going to sleep.  and was still crying after i left his room.  I went to change sister, and realized that i should have put her cloth diaper in the pail in ethan's room, so i went back in there, and took savannah with me.  i told ethan, "sister wants to say goodnight to you" to which he moved over, and made room for her under the covers and then looked at me and said, "go away"  how stinking funny is that?  i thought it was so sweet that he wanted to be with savannah but wanted to be alone... like he didn't need me to supervise him with her.  this week he has started really taking his own interest in her -- in a very sweet way.

and also for record keeping purposes, little miss has discovered her little hands last week and has picked up a paci that made it to her mouth all on her own on a handful of occasions.  she is so sweet - always up for tagging along with whatever we are doing... we went to the pool on Sunday and she was just as happy as could be.  I am so lucky.  I could not have handled a high needs child for baby #2.  I know i was right when i was pregnant and woke up one day with the overwhelming peace that Savannah would be a very sweet girl.  She is indeed a very sweet girl.


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