hi there -- i've had some posts in my head

posts that just haven't made it to blogger.  posts that will make it to blogger this week... because really, so much has been going on.  and like i said to a friend today, it really is neat to be able to go back and see the little things that we do... it really does help me remember what is really going on in our family.   {because my brain is like a black hole... where do some of my memories go??}


would you like to know the two highlights of my day??
1.  I found out a friend moved back to town
2.  I bought this, installed it, and threw away this.  Streamlining!!  And less pee on the floor from moving the seat around without cleaning it first.  {I didn't buy either of these from the links... you can buy the family seat at home depot and I always worried about cleaning the seat before moving it - and for the record, it was other people who would move it -- my son was the worst offender}

And until I can muster up a real post -- here is Ethan excited about celebrating the Fourth!


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