back in the groove

so, in attempt to get back into the groove of things, i decided to try my first sewing project since having savannah.  a newborn baby has a way of stealing time from hobbies, and that is what has indeed happened.

the other thing that happened was that my nursing pillow {not a boppy} bit the dust.  majorly.  as in, ripped in half and found a new home in a trashcan.  so i have been nursing without a pillow, and it is do-able, but so much more comfortable with a pillow... {do you see where this is going??} and I just so happened to have a pattern for a boppy cover.  My sweet friend Sabrina is a master seamstress and makes the most adorable things for her toddler daughter and son on the way, and she is creative as can be and now designs and sells patterns in her Noodles and Milk etsy shop.  {to all my pregnant friends out there, this would be a really easy project to do to coordinate your pillow to your nursery... or to get it monogrammed} 

anyway, I carved out a little time to prep one night {all my cutting and pressing} and then to sew the next night.  I was so happy with the results!  I can't wait to make a second one that will match her bedding that will eventually arrive...i just used fabric that I had on hand for this one. 

what do you think?  I even put in a zipper!!!  it was easy!  and next time i will be faster and more precise.  my next project -- a dress for little miss.  cross your fingers.



  1. It looks fab! Thanks for the shout-out!

  2. The Squirrel's MamaJuly 26, 2010 at 8:46 PM

    Nice handy work!

  3. been debating this project for a while... but i've decided to take a break from zippers for a few days :) ha!!

  4. becky - i would definitely say this is EASY... i had never done a zipper but the pattern's direction made it pretty fool-proof. i am nervous about putting zippers in clothing though... but i am a nervous sewer in general!!


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