sometimes it seems that people are into doing things the old-fashioned way -- getting back to a more simple time.  and I can appreciate that.  I even feel like I participate in that movement sometimes.


however, i am a fan of modern conveniences.  one of which is the machine that washes your dishes for you.   

you see, at the beginning of last week, i noticed that the dishes in my dishwasher weren't coming clean with one cycle.  then it was two cycles.  then not at all...

meanwhile, all along in our little home, the kitchen sink has never had a very strong stream of hot water {and yes, we cleaned the screen in the faucet}  in fact, i would often mutter to myself in annoyance, that one day, there just wouldn't be any hot water coming out of the ding dong faucet in the kitchen.  and that day came.

so my aha moment was that we didn't need a new dishwasher {that I had gotten approval from my landlords to purchase - but had not pulled the trigger on yet} but that we needed hot water for the stinkin' dishwasher to clean the dishes.  Actually, you need hot water to do dishes by hand as well.  In fact, this was rather inconvenient.  So Faustino undid the faucet from the wall and then unscrewed the pipe thingy... and saw that it was totally clogged.  the next day when the plumber came, he told me that unless my husband turned off the water to the house, there was no way that he undid the pipe -- that my kitchen would have been flooded.  I told him that i thought the pipe was just really clogged.  he still didn't believe me.  until he realized the pipe was totally clogged.  As in - he has to come back and cut holes in my wall.  nice huh??  and that was supposed to happen today.  but apparently, it will happen next week.  because we got bumped by someone who probably was having a real plumbing crisis.  I can be thankful that we aren't.  {in fact, i know that people have real problems.  this is in no way a real problem.  we are healthy and safe and have food to eat --- i just wanted to clear that up}

so, if you are the old-fashioned type, come on over.  I'll show you how to do dishes around here {you fill up a dishpan with hot water from the bathtub!!}  sounds fun, right??  and no, we don't do paper plates around here... ecofriendly, blah, blah, blah. :)


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  1. I hear ya girl! After Alyn and I got married we lived in a house built in the 30's. Awesome home, huge back yard, no dishwasher. Fortunately for us two working adults don't go through many dishes. :)

    I can't imagine doing dishes by hand with a family of four!!! I hope the plumber gets there ASAP, bless your heart.


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