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so this morning we went to run errands... i parked, turned around to look at the kids, and ethan was sleeping.  so we went home.  errands would have been nice, because currently I am fresh out of size D batteries... and for those of you familiar with the fisher price swing, D batteries are what makes the magic happen.

anyway, back in the spring, i was supposed to sign Ethan up for Summer Fun at his school.  I didn't feel like we really needed to be spending the money, because, hello, we were having a baby {and about a thousand other more pressing expenditures were on my list}...so he didn't get signed up.  and I felt really bad about it because he loves going to school.  major mom guilt.

well, Summer Fun would have started up for Ethan this week... thank GOD i didn't sign him up because he has been sick for the last 2 days {yesterday and today -- not Sunday for those of you we saw at the birthday party}


even sick he is a little stinker.  all he will eat is applesauce.  Last night I said, "ethan, do you want to go get some frozen yogurt, will that make you feel better?"  and he said, "no, applesauce."  I said, "are you sure?  frozen yogurt is really yummy"  I got the same reply.  Then my husband pointed out, "he is telling you what will make him feel better... i think mommy wants frozen yogurt."  so, I was totally busted.  perhaps frozen yogurt tonight...

Let's hope Little Miss doesn't pick up any of his germs... right now she seems pretty happy.  I could just eat her up.
that smile

those chunky thighs

and the lashes!

she is delicious.  little girls are so fun.  {ironing their clothes on the other hand, is not}

happy tuesday to you!

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  1. the kids are precious! the days are flying so we need to get a play date on the calendar. sorry i was MIA this past week. not sure where the time went. love that dress on savannah! too cute. hope e feels better soon!


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