six week old savannah and please take a kitty...

sweet lovely is 6 weeks old today.  so big already!  not yet sleeping through the night {ethan was at 5 weeks!!} but is on a nice feeding schedule {finally!!} and eats roughly every 3 hours.

see how big and chunky she is?? 

for my own selfish record keeping motives - here are the 4 week stats that never made it to the blog:
weight:  10 lbs, 13.5 oz 
length:  23.5 inches
head circumference: 15 inches 

and so I remember for the next kiddo -
@ 2 weeks {9lbs, 4 oz} -- stopped wearing size nb diapers May 17th
@ 6 weeks {approx 11.5 lbs} -- stopped wearing size 1 diapers June 8
size 2 diapers already??? stop growing so fast little one!  it's breaking my heart!!!

and on another note entirely... do you know anybody who would like a kitty??  there are four cute kittens next door that need homes... because if no one takes them, they will grow into alley cats that make me angry and poop or sleep in the garden.  so please... take them!  they are just a week or two older than my baby...  and so cute.  i want one but faustino says no way... plus, i don't have an additional pair of eyes to make sure ethan doesn't love it to death. literally.  if I could pick one, it would be the gray one with dark paws... but I have a thing for cats that color...


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  1. I can't believe how BIG she is!!! The diaper stats KILL me - size 2 - really??? You make the most beautiful babes - and clearly you are feeding them the good stuff! ;)


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