just keepin' it real

this could be a post with photos of my son baking cookies with me... I could have taken pictures of it.  you would have seen how delighted he was rolling the cookies in the sprinkles and dancing in front of the oven waiting for them to be done because he was "so hungry for cookies"

but that would not be keeping things real. 

i've talked to several friends who have blogs about this.  sometimes, we let the reader assume that things are a bit more peachy keen than they are.  you know? 

like, today for example.  savannah would not settle down.  not for anything.  i tried the sling, the bjorn, i nursed her extra {off schedule}, i changed her diaper, her outfit. we tried the bouncer, the swing, etc.  the best i could get was 5 minutes without "baby sister, crying.  baby sister, cranky"

and i had promised ethan we would bake this morning.  and use his sprinkles that grammy gave him. 

so, here it was, the morning had come and gone, and seriously was wasted.  and no baking.  so we baked cookies from a mix while savannah cried her head off in her cradle.  see?  that is what the pictures wouldn't show.  you might even think i had a baby that slept sweetly in the morning so that I could spend time with my son.  you might think that i had a surplus of spare time to bake, you know, after i had cooked and cleaned.  you would be wrong.  i baked out of guilt.  my child cried the whole time while the other one was happy.  so my guilty baking led to more guilt.  just thought i would post this to keep it real. 

{and sitting at the computer typing this is strictly an afternoon nursing activity - ethan has to be napping to nurse & type.  if i am not nursing, then i feel guilty wasting time in front of the computer.}

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