last week, part 3

last week also started Savannah's introduction to the world of baby toys.  with Ethan, i had everything out and waiting for him... we "played" all the time.  Savannah, on the other hand, is just enjoying being along for the ride.  I thought I would see how she responded to the play mat, and to my surprise, she was so ready for it!  She's really gotten in the habit of cooing and smiling at me lately... and I feel like she's turned the corner on fussiness.  Let's hope I didn't speak too soon!



She also likes to snooze after she plays...

and then rewind over 2 years and this is Ethan... I had to explain to him that he got to play with this toy when he was a baby, and now it is Savannah's turn... I showed him this picture, and believe it or not, I think he "got" it.  And looking at this photo makes me SOOO happy we got a new camera!

whew! all done with last week!


  1. Precious. Thanks for sharing about your week...Looking forward to tomorrow:)

  2. I'm looking forward to turning that corner on fussiness too!

  3. OHMYGOODNESS!!!! You and Faustino have the most beautiful kids!!! I almost cried when I saw the Fisher-Price Jungle Play Mat. I have just sold ALL of our baby stuff on Craigslist (that item being one of the most difficult for me to part with). :-(

    Enjoy those sweet, beautiful babies of yours. :)


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