part 2...

oh, for those who were wondering, we chose picture b...

but back to last week and the recreation of the disappearing post.

the other reason my last week, and now this week, has been sleepy??  I have been busy in the kitchen.  Produce doesn't seem to care what is going on in your life... when it is ripe, its ripe.  and then you have to pounce.  I've been busy after Ethan goes down for his nap/bedtime... last week I made jam, then pickles, then salsa.  And tonight I have more salsa to make and put up.  {but to keep it real - during the jam making, little baby sweet cheeks flipped out, and for those of you who have canned things, you know that she had to cry it out because mama was busy.  and her nightgown had berry finger prints all over it.  and i thought i was going to be shipped off to the loony bin}  Geez. 

The plus side?? at least I am caught up on the tivo'd episodes of my soap opera!!

In other news... Ethan has been interested in books lately.  More so than normal.  I really underestimated his attention span for the story, because he seems to prefer "baby" chapter books - the ones with pictures but lots of words...

and then there was this -- i was cooking dinner and i came into the living room and saw him reading this and had to get my camera.  seriously, i did not stage these photos!  Mama's don't let your babies grow up to be surgeons!


I kid you not, he "read" this for half an hour!!! What??

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  1. That's AMAZING that book kept his attention for 1/2 an hour!! Go ETHAN! Be smart like your parents!! :)


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