help me!!

which one do you like better??

photo a

or b:
photo b

i need to know asap!!!

these are my thoughts... you can see more of savannah's face in picture a... but she is also being sassy and sticking out her tongue... in photo b, i like the composition of everyone's hands... i feel like it tells a nice story...

finished photo will be 16 x 24 and have the sepia finish...

please, i need help!  leave a comment!!!


  1. I pick b, but you already knew that...talk to you when we can :)

  2. I like b because you and Tino are both smiling at her. It is a very sweet picture.

  3. Going against the grain here... I like A! Love all the faces and the angles.

  4. Definitely B! Savannah looks precious in both but you and Faustino look better in B:)

  5. Oh, what a precious-gorgeous family!!! I loooove A! :) XOXO

  6. and...I want to see more photos from the photo shoot. just in case you have some extra time on your hands :)

  7. i think i like b better, but i do like the little tongue that she is sticking out! love ya bonnie

  8. Depends on the look you are looking for. A: shows they are never to young to show their attitudes. But if you are wanting a keeper to show, I like B: showing the love of a new child.

    Happy Decision making. Love to you all!

  9. I like b... its sooo precious!! Love you both

  10. Well, I'm too late! Both pictures are so sweet. I would have gone with B also for the big print.


have i mentioned that i really, really love comments...?

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