what happens when you are too busy to keep things updated? part 1

you end up with a bunch of random things in one post.  and then you manage to delete right before you post it?  {Kristen - perhaps this is a new reoccurring theme for me??}  well... let me just try to reproduce it...

I was recapping last week.  Which started off sleepy, was filled with projects, and ended nicely.

Started off sleepy because Savannah had croup.  Which really was no biggie, but didn't exactly help me out in the sleep department.  So we took her to the pediatrician, and on our way home, stopped by target to get Ethan big boy sheets because {drum roll, please} he has been sleeping in his big boy bed since June 7th!!  But I didn't want to post it for fear of jinxing it!

So... we let him pick out his own sheets {cringe} and he choose choo-choo train sheets.  So, he was excited... and I feel like I have my work cut out for me to make his room cute/complimentary to a girl's room/pulled together... oh well.  I am up for the challenge... a solid duvet cover will help - but is backordered until August!  And I need to make Savannah's bedding... oh the projects on my list!!!



But Ethan is happy, and that is what is important. Well, what's most important is that the transition went so smoothly!! {now potty training...grr...}

and you know what?? since my completed post vanished, I will just make this a 2 or 3 part series...  to be continued! 

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  1. What a big boy!!! He is so happy with his Thomas sheets. (I know what you mean though about the difficulty decorating with these "wonderful" colors.)


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