the weekend

hello people who actually read this... {i often wonder, who cares? -- although it is a nice way to look back on things and see photos, etc} ...anyway, I hope you all had lovely weekends. I did...

Friday evening, Faustino and I went out with friends and his colleagues for an annual department graduation dinner. It was a dress up event, and of course, Stephanie-of-many-sizes had to borrow a dress from a sweet friend. Because, when you've had a baby 8 weeks ago, and are that child's source of nourishment, things don't always fit the way they did. plus, my rib cage and hips still seem wider. and I have a little pudge on my stomach. and my hips could stand to benefit from some lunges... but i digress, it was mainly just the whole, nothing fits me in a rated pg sort of way...  i really only have a few pounds to lose before i am back to normal... but quite a few pounds to lose before i feel like i can eat a jake's burger guilt free {now, I am still eating jake's burgers... just not guilt free :)}

so I borrowed a pretty dress. and earlier in the week, I had my hair cut and colored. THANK GOD. and I really love it.  much better than the last time!  It could be because I went to a different salon and stylist!

It is a nice haircut, but you can't see it in photos from the evening because I had already put my hair up...
IMG_2459 copy

It was also fun for me to go back to Colonial and see folks that worked in banquets when I was there... They have really spruced the place up... I could have sold the heck out of that place if they had done that when I was there... oh well.  The chipped paint and duct tape on the floor were endearing, right??  Or perhaps no one really noticed when all the candles were lit?  ahh... how glad I am that is over!

other nice things about the weekend??

I stumbled upon a really great sale at the gap and scored a bunch of shirts for $2.40.  God was good to me there as well, considering that I purged many shirts {shirts that were long overdue to be out of my closet} the weekend prior and started thinking... hmm.. what will I wear this summer??

and on Friday morning a sweet friend of mine came over to hold the bebe and allowed me to turn our organic garden into a non-organic garden.  We were sick of the stink bugs {or something that looked like them} sucking the life {literally} out of our tomatoes.  And after I dusted the tomatoes, I even got to take a quick shower, which perhaps spared my life by not leaving traces of poison on my skin. :)  So today, on Sunday, I still haven't seen any bugs...  which is good, because, I will be honest, the thing that drives me nuts about the outdoors is that I don't really like bugs.  I try to suppress this feeling because I don't want Ethan {or Savannah} to have negative feelings about bugs... but I do get the heebie geebies.

another wonderful thing?  it rained.  finally.

another great thing?  I made a new friend.  maybe 2... 

another thing that I {secretly} loved about this weekend?  Ethan didn't feel very well on Saturday...so if I overlooked the whining and crying {which I did} then I got lots of extra hugs and cuddles.  Mmm... so sweet from a boy who is moving too fast now to sit down and snuggle his mommy.   He seems to be all better now.  I hope it is clear I am not some crazy person who wants their kids to be sick.  I like them healthy...

I am also back to potty training in full force.  but have moved to a sticker reward system.  I couldn't seem to stop eating the potty treats.  It was a very bad temptation for me...  now, I do not worry about stealing his stickers... :) 

and the babeakins got along well.  that is my new name for my kiddos... it is how it sounds when Ethan says "baby kittens" with the strays next door {people - are you sure you don't want a kitten??}

and today?  i got locked out of the house... ahh... delightful.  luckily savannah had just eaten and slept inside the whole time.  and ethan was with me... and my cell phone was not {big mistake!} but my awesome neighbor was home... and I was able to remember my husbands phone number.  All in all it was about an hour outside... geez.  It might have been worse, but I got the grand idea to go inside and check on the baby when I saw a guy staring at us after he was digging through the dumpster behind my house and loading up his shopping cart.  {I think I am supposed to reflect fondly on these situations when residency is over - according to a few of the wives I have talked to...}  Anyway, do you memorize phone numbers anymore??  I think I need to commit a few to memory... and perhaps find a place for a hidden key.  hmmm... a very well hidden key.

and the hero of the weekend?  my mother-in-law.  She saved me with a spare key... she watched the kiddos for hours upon hours 3 different times this last week... she went to the store and got Ethan more pullups so we could continue without a break in toilet training.  Thank god for Sue.

So, i must go now... tidy up and get a good night's sleep.  I am determined to have the most productive week yet!  We'll see how that goes... I think I say that in my mind every Sunday evening...


  1. That is a great picture of you two! I cannot believe you got locked out of the house. That freaks me out- that and the being locked out of the car. Maybe we could be spare-key buddies- keep each others in case we need saving? Yikes, sounds like your mother-in-law is a super hero (and wonderful).

  2. i would totally be your spare key buddy!! what did people do in the days before cell phones?? I didn't have mine and was freaking out! can you imagine if you didn't have a cell phone or a neighbor that would let you call someone? yikes!


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