I was either crazy or very brave

because I took the kiddos to the zoo. alone.  I had very low expectations for the day, but it all turned out well... i even took a few photos.  Ethan had his listening ears turned off and never responded to my requests for a smile.  bummer.  he was also very sad {i.e. threw a huge fit} to leave without feeding the birds, but it was time for Savannah to eat.  And I had no idea how to feed her without E being chained to a tree.   suggestions??

I really quit caring about how much he saw as well... it was like:  "Ethan there is the giraffe... oh, you just want to climb on the railing...okay, knock yourself out"  I am so glad we have a zoo membership so you can climb on the railings...

getting ready to go... look at those arms! 

sister was on her best behavior... made the whole trip possible. how else could we have kept up with big brother??

he was very interested... and wanted to touch the " 'mingo's" eye... i stopped that and probably saved his fingers...

touching the elephant's eye {do you see why i have to watch him around savannah?}  it isn't evil - just curiosity!!

his fascination with fences...

another railing

and another... at which point i said, forget the photos.  if he doesn't cooperate, no biggie.  at least he's not throwing a fit...

i have very high hopes of learning how to do this better... seriously, if you have suggestions, leave them in the comments section.

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